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Last Runs of Some Metrolink Trains

by Chris Guenzler

After I returned from the Royal Hudson Trip, two days later, on Friday February 12, 2010, I decided to ride the last runs of Metrolink 852 and 853 out to Riverside on their Inland Empire- Orange County line which stretches from Riverside to Oceanside. These trains are the only weekday trains that Metrolink has cut due to budget-cutting.

Metrolink 852 arriving at Santa Ana for the last time, which I boarded for Riverside.

Metrolink 852, just having arrived at Riverside for the last time.

Metrolink 853 was now ready to return me to Santa Ana.

Metrolink 853 arrived at Santa Ana for the final time.

Metrolink 853 departed Santa Ana for the last time, bound for Oceanside.

Last Runs on Valentine Day 2010 2/14/2010

Sunday morning, I was back at Santa Ana and boarded Metrolink 653 for its last run. This train is the morning set that runs from Oceanside to LAUPT then back to San Juan Capistrano before returning to Los Angeles and finally back to Oceanside. The afternoon set leaves Oceanside for LAUPT then returns to San Juan Capistrano before returning to LAUPT and making its way to Oceanside in the evening. These trains with be replaced by a single set which will run later in the morning from Oceanside to LAUPT, then back to Irvine, later to LAUPT and finally Oceanside.

I detrained at Fullerton.

Metrolink 653 leaves Fullerton for the last time. I waited for Pacific Surfliner 564 to arrive.

Pacific Surfliner 564 duly arrived and I boarded for San Juan Capistrano. Once there, I took care of some ticketing for my trip to La Plata tonight and then waited for a late-running Pacific Surfliner 565 to take me back to Santa Ana. The line was being single-tracked through Laguna Niguel during weekends as they work on the project there. This weekend, a northbound signal bridge was added at CP Avery. The project here includes new sidings, crossovers, a stub track at the Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo Metrolink station, as well as an extension of the eastbound platform. Pacific Surfliner 565 returned me to Santa Ana and I decided to wait for the last run of Metrolink 654, and Pacific Surfliner 565 arrived as I waited.

Metrolink 654 came into Santa Ana for the last time on its way to San Juan Capistrano.

New Jersey Transit Comet I Car 5732 as the train boards the passengers for the last time.

New Jersey Transit Comet I Car 5732 as the train started to depart.

Metrolink 654 leaves Santa Ana and heads to San Juan Capistrano one last time. I came home and wrote this story before packing for my trip to La Plata tonight.