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Becky Johnson, Siemens New Contract


Text and Photos by Carl Morrison,

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Becky Johnson, Siemens New Contract

Ms. Johnson mentioned that there is new support in these times.  Obama has brought rail back into the conversation with money.

We need rail to be competitive in a global market.

Siemens has 65,000 employees in the USA, 750 employees in Sacramento.

They are sending their light rail vehicles to San Diego, Portland, Denver, and Edmondton, Canada, among others.

They are building 70 electric locomotives for the Northeast corridor which will be built in California.

Siemens is promoting their HSR in Florida:  Tampa to Orlando then Orlando to Miami.  The contract is to be awarded in 2012 in Fla.

They are also promoting their HSR vehicles in California - 220 mph units. They have a mock up they take on the road.  

125 mph technology is being promoted in the Midwest market.

October 29 they could announce the 70 Amtrak electric locomotives.

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