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TRAC 2006

Train Riders' Association of California (TRAC)

(and publishers of California Rail News)

California Rail 2020 Conference, November 4, 2006

Amtrak California Capitol Corridor, Cal Train, Altamont Commuter Express, all at San Jose, CA.
Amtrak Coast Starlight arriving in Oakland, CA.

Photos and Story by Carl Morrison, has been a member of TRAC longer than I have been associated with TrainWeb.  This is my fourth year to report on their Annual California Rail 2020 Conference, which is held alternately in Northern and Southern California.   This year's Conference was held in Oakland, California. 

Executive Director, Alan C. Miller, has always placed the Conference at facilities reachable by rail, and I have always taken California Rail to the event, thanks to

Since this is both a Coast Starlight Travelogue and TRAC Conference Report, please use the menu below to click the portion you want to read first:

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