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Ruby's Restaurant and Streamliner Lounge, Orange Depot, Orange California

Streamliner Lounge

A New Railroad Themed Lounge in the Orange Depot, Orange, California,

as part of Ruby's Diner.

July, 24, 2011

Report By Steve Grande, as told to Carl Morrison.

Photos and Comments By Carl Morrison,

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The Streamliner Lounge at Orange Depot and Ruby's Diner
186 N. Atchison St.
Orange, CA 92866
(714) 639-7829

Sun. - Thurs. 7AM - 9PM
Fri. - Sat. 7AM - 10PM

Origin of the term "Streamliner"

A streamliner is a form of Super car streamlining in a shape providing less resistance to air. The term is applied to high-speed railway trainsets of the 1930s to 1950s, and to their successor "bullet trains".
--From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.     

Streamlined 4-6-2 "President"-class steam locomotive on B&O's New York–Washington, D.C. Royal Blue in 1937.

1950 UP ad
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Arriving at the Streamliner Lounge

There are lots of Ruby's Diners, but this one is totally different! A train enthusiasts dream! Totally decorated in railroad memorabilia and even real running garden size railroad trains around the top of the restaurant from one end to the other. The lounge is decorated in the style of an old Santa Fe waiting room. They made sure to bring out the history of the old Orange Depot. The manager, Edward Brandt, works 2 days per week at the Orange Empire Railway Museum.
--Steve Grande   

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The Ruby's and Metrolink sign on Chapman in Orange, California, with the station in the background.

Set your GPS for this Intersection - Atchison and Chapman.  Railfans will know the Atchison connection.

Walk through the trees of the Veteran's Park to the Lounge.

The tracks for Metrolink, Amtrak, and freight trains are right to the west side of the Lounge.

Around the Depot

There is ample reserved parking if you drive here.

There is a Bus Stop on the north end of the Depot, or arrive at the back door via Train.

If you arrive by train, this sign on the platform will direct you to the Streamliner Lounge.

Next to the Streamliner Lounge sign, is a menu sign.

An Amtrak single-level train with a Cascades Locomotive heads south past the covered seating on the loading platform just outside the Streamliner Lounge.

There are automated machines for vending Amtrak and Metrolink tickets and validating passes.

An informational sign lists destinations and the track on which to wait.

An attractively designed set of stairs and ramps leads to the tunnel under the tracks.

The tunnel itself is artful, clean, and well lighted.

One of the first things you will see on the west side of the tracks is this attractive, historical mural on the side of a new residential building.

Covered seating is also available on the west side of the tracks.

The southernmost portion of the Depot is the Streamliner Lounge (Right side of photo on right.)

Streamliner Lounge right side of photo.

The Bus Stop is a few steps from the Depot, north.

Public Restrooms are on the north side of the Depot, adjacent to the Bus Stop's turn around.

Patio Seating is available trackside.

Patio Seating is accessible from trackside as well as being able to exit directly to a train without going through the Diner or Lounge and around the building.

An Amtrak Pacific Surfliner passes the Depot and ramp under the tracks.

Looking south down the platform past the menu board for Ruby's, toward Chapman Avenue which crosses the tracks south of the station.

If you arrive by car, you will enter under the 'Ruby's Diner' sign (right) and will be greeted by a receptionist.

The Streamliner Lounge

When you walk in the front door, you will find the Ruby's 50's diner on your right and the Streamliner Lounge on your left. The first area of the Streamliner Lounge is the bar and a mix of tall and regular tables. Beyond that is the area we almost missed, where there are only seats and no tables. That is where Barbara and I sat. It took me a while to realize that it is decorated like an old train station waiting area (hense no tables!). They do have plans to remove the wall between this separate sitting area and the main bar area. I'll have to see how that ends up looking. I kind of like the separation, but they feel a more open area will provide more flexibility and will be more inviting for people to sit. Even Barbara and I asked if it was OK if we sat in there as we thought that might have been some sort of private function room. So I can see his point. The ACTUAL private banquet room where we had the Rail Travel Meetup Group Christmas Party for a couple of years is still there down the hall beyond that sitting room.
--Steve Grande   

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View from the reception area into the Streamliner Lounge  to the left.  Note the painting of the Los Angles Union Station on the reception area wall.

Streamliner Lounge bar and seating area with tables.

Streamliner Lounge bar and seating area with tables.

A nice, private booth with a view of the tracks beyond the Venetian blinds.

They even have some pretty good wines there as well as at least one good IPA Beer on tap so I'm in Wine & Train Enthusiast Heaven!  --Steve Grande

A view of the bar through the open wall between it and this 'sitting room' designed as a plush waiting area at a train station.

The 'waiting area' is decorated with train art as well.  Note the round window in the service door like you would see on a 1950s train.

View through the 'Waiting Room' west to trackside.

Notice the model train track above, and the paintings of western railroad stations.

You will recognize these train stations and local landmarks.

Las Vegas Station

This Orange Station

Seattle Station

San Francisco Station

The southernmost room was the Banquet Room

Banquet Room

To the Right of the Reception Desk is Ruby's Diner

To the right of the reception area is Ruby's Diner, also decorated with train art and decor.

Even the restroom signs have that '50s look

Ruby's has its own model train too.

As I finished my photo shoot of the Streamliner Lounge, I noticed a 'red neon sunset' taking place outside, so I ran out for my final shots.

Head down to the Streamliner Lounge and tell them Steve Grande of sent you:

The Streamliner Lounge at Orange Depot and Ruby's Diner
186 N. Atchison St.
Orange, CA 92866
(714) 639-7829

Sun. - Thurs. 7AM - 9PM
Fri. - Sat. 7AM - 10PM

PS  If you are 55+, ask about Ruby's Jitterbug Discount Card for a percentage savings on your purchases.

For a slide show of all photos used in this report, in large format, Click Here.

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