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Sprinter Sets Another Opening Date

Sprinter Sets Another Opening Date:  March 9, 2008


Photos and Report by February 4, 2008.

Sprinter Employees Need to Read their own Website

The Sprinter was idling at the Oceanside, California, Station yesterday as I transferred from the Surfliner to the Coaster so I could detrain at the Carlsbad Village Station.

There were six or more men with hard hats and orange vests that appeared to have driven the Siamese-Twin Sprinter unit over from Escondido for a Whopper.  (The Oceanside Stations has a Burger King.)  While two Orange Vests made a Whopper Run, a couple of them were standing at the new ticket machines.  I joined the conversation between them and an out-of-state train buff who knew about the Sprinter and was happy to see someone to talk to about the all-new cummuter train.

Because a friend and I want to plan a trip from Orange County to ride this new train when it goes into service, I asked one of the gaily decorated Sprinter officials, "Where can I get a Sprinter Schedule so I can plan a future trip down here from Orange Country to ride it?"

Prior knowledge from having ridden the Sprinter from Ocanside to Escondido round trip twice already told me I had seen such a schedule.  This fellow told me, "There is no Sprinter Schedule yet, they are still working on it."   Wrong, Kemosabe!  

Sprinter Managers Take Note

Dear Father of the Sprinter:  Please give your employees, and officials from consulting firms who are out in the field, some schedules to carry in their hip pocket. Also, put some schedules at the ticket stations.  The way I figure it, if you expect anyone to show up to ride your new train, they will first have to see a schedule to see when to go to the station, right?


Sprinter at the Oceanside Transit Center, Feb. 4, 2008, with Red Sign Reading:  Coming March 9.

If anyone reads this report, and plans to ride the Sprinter when it opens, they might find these schedules useful:

Click Here to see the Eastbound Schedule

Click Here to see the Westbound Schedule

You can find these schedules online, along with a map of the stations, at:

The following Press Release, printed in a free local paper I found at the Carlsbad Village Station, can be found at:

copied here for your convenience:

About Your New Light Rail System

On March 9, 2008 North County will have a new east-west mobility link between Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos and Escondido: the SPRINTER rail line. This investment in our community is significant; it's one of the largest public works projects this region has seen. The SPRINTER makes North County a nicer place to be, here's why:

The SPRINTER runs 22 miles along the Highway 78 corridor effortlessly transporting passengers to work, school, shopping centers and other activities.

Riders have the freedom to read, work or relax as these European-style light rail vehicles sprint to the 15 stations.

With significant population growth coming, we're all worried about congestion and the resulting pollution. The SPRINTER will reduce traffic by eliminating hundreds of cars and will offer North County residents a green alternative.

The predictable, reliable service is easy to use, practical and consumer friendly. It's easy to reach North County's top destinations using the BREEZE bus system, which serves all fifteen stations. Additionally, the COASTER trains connect with the SPRINTER in Oceanside.

The SPRINTER also encourages transit-oriented development in the cities along the route, a prospect that supports the principles of Smart Growth.


"Wait, Wait, I want to ride!"

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