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Loco Vino - The Railroad Winery & Depot Inn & Suites


Loco Vino - The Railroad Winery

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By Carl Morrison,

I first learned about this winery on August 10, 2008, when I was traveling from The Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, MO, to Macon, MO, on Hwy. 63 in northeastern Missouri.

Chris and Jen West, owners, welcomed me into their tasting room to taste their wines and I enjoyed talking with the young wine maker and learning about their orchard and winemaking business.  They have 1500 trees with 300 to 400 peach trees.  They have thornless, seedless blackberries. 

From Chris and Jen's homepage, here is the background of their winery, started in August, 2007:

"Jen and I got the wine making bug.  Jen and I started making small batches in the kitchen from books that I had purchased from the Internet.
Some were decent, some were bad.  Then it became a full fledged hobby, then obsession; we  found that it could be a challenge almost daily with wine making. It also provided some enjoyment for our friends and family.

Then one day in 2004, Jen and I thought "why not try to do this for real?" It also happened to be a bumper crop for the family orchard that year, so we started practicing with the extra fruit.

Thus began our long journey towards a licensed winery.   Jen started studying the regulations and forms that would be needed, while I started investigating what equipment, processes and recipes would be needed to make larger commercial amounts of wine.
In the meantime, we also helped build an addition to our family's orchard building that would house the wine making operation and equipment.
Jen and I have always believed that we would one day have a winery to share our wines with a wider audience than with just family and friends - but with everyone treated as family and friend when you walk through our winery door.  We also believe anyone can learn about wine and wine making, and not have to feel like it is something that is mysterious or sophisticated. 

So come on out to the winery and we would love to share our experiences and our wines with you anytime."

They teach wine-making classes and sell wine-making equipment.

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Jen and Chris West at their winery's tasting room.
Chris gave me and other guests an informative tour of his wine-making operation.
Floating-top stainless steel tank for fermentation.
Electric pump

IMG_3573.jpg IMG_3574.jpg


The old Ford tractor, with brush hog on the back, "Does the job," as Chris explained.

They have 1500 trees with 300 to 400 peach trees.  They have thornless, seedless blackberries.  We walked through the orchard, first seeing Red Delicous apples (right).

Golden Delicious

Green Pears (right)

IMG_3587.jpg IMG_3588.jpg
A still produces fuel for the building.

A collector for more green power.

A large, old tree on the property, used on their fruit wine company label.


The Depot Inn and Suites, La Plata, Missouri, is a rail-themed Hotel, 18 minutes north of the winery. The Depot Inn Shuttle will pick up anyone who arrives in La Plata on Amtrak's Southwest Chief  which arrives daily from Los Angeles and Chicago.  The Inn conducts Wine Tasting Tours to the Railroad Winery, so you do not have to have a car during your stay. 

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