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Link Union Station (Link US) Scoping Meeting and Open House

Link Union Station (Link US) Scoping Meeting and Open House

June 2, 2016

Photos and report by Carl Morrison,



By reading this portion of the Metro.Net website, all the information that was disseminated at the meeting can be learned:

Link Union Station (Link US)

The Link Union Station (Link US) project, formerly known as the Southern California Regional Interconnector Project (SCRIP), is a Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) project designed to meet the long-term regional rail needs at Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS) by allowing the station to function more efficiently and providing a better overall passenger experience.

Link US is made up of several key components, including:

    •  New run-through tracks over the US-101 freeway to provide one-seat rides to major destinations in Southern California
    •  Reconfiguration of the “throat” (station entry tracks) and “rail yard” (station arrival and boarding area)
    •  A new passenger concourse with retail, food services, passenger waiting areas, and other amenities
    •  A new loop track to provide operational flexibility
    •  Potential accommodation of future transportation options, including California High-Speed Rail (HSR)

The project will transform LAUS from a “stub-end,” or dead-end station, to a “run-through” station by extending tracks south over the US-101 freeway, resulting in reduced passenger wait times and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from idling trains. The project will also add a new loop track that will provide improved operational flexibility for rail service. Additionally, Link US includes the development of a new passenger concourse with a wide array of retail amenities to further enhance the passenger experience at LAUS. These modifications will significantly enhance the station’s efficiency and enable LAUS to continue to serve as a major hub for local, regional, and interstate transportation.

Link US will allow LAUS to meet future transportation demands and provide one-seat rides to regional destinations. The Link US Team is working together with the Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan Team, the California High-Speed Rail Authority, the Southern California Regional Rail Authority, and Amtrak to ensure community needs are addressed.

A new Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) is expected to be released in Summer 2017, reflecting the project updates. A Final EIS/EIR will be prepared, with an expected Record of Decision (ROD)/EIR Certification by Winter 2017. 


My getting to the Meeting had some complications of what should have been an easy hop on the train in Fullerton, hop off in LA and walk out the east entrance and a few steps to the meeting.  However, about an hour before my train was to arrive at 5:05 pm in Fullerton, I decided to check my Amtrak App for its arrival time.  I discovered that it was over an hour and 20 minutes late, which would have gotten me to the meeting way after its start time.  I checked the precious Amtrak train and it had been cancelled.  I parked in the large structure and walked to the Metrolink machine and discovered I could get it at 4:49 for the 35 minute ride to LA Union station.  With a previous freight passing through the station, Metrolink arrived at 5:04 and I was off off to LA even after the train change.  Since there are tro Metrolink routes that pass through Fullerton on the way to LA, there are sufficient opportunities to take one to LA if an Amtrak has difficulties.  I learned later in the evening that the problem of the Amtrak's being late was because of a pedestrian trespasser being killed south of Carlsbad.  In any event, I made it on time for the 6 pm meeting.


One of the more interesting views for me entering Los Angeles is the flyover where you get an elevated view of the river and downtown LA.


Meeting was this close to Union Station on the first floor of this building.





There were sweet refreshments, coffee and water as well as multiple posters of the proposed track alignment.


Suits were aplenty to explain the four parts of the project.


The purple "Throat" will be raised 12 to 15 feet from where it is now to allow for enlarging the concourse under the tracks.


Platforms will accommodate HSR eventually, Run-Through Tracks will cross US 101 and return to alignment next to the river.
A Loop Track will allow for more flexibility as well, presumably for trains that terminate here, but will not have to back out of the station any more.


Slides from the presentation:



















My ride back to Fullerton.


One thing that was lacking in my opinion were renderings of the proposed concourse area.  I found some possible examples in this report, although it is from last year, on the Internet:


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