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LA Travel and Adventure Show


LA Travel and Adventure Show

Los Angeles Convention Center (South Halls GHJ)
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90015
(213) 741-1151

February18, 2017

Photos and text by Carl Morrison,


LA - Long Beach Blue Line to Pico Station and the LA Travel Show.

A great place to research Tourist, Amtrak, and VIA trains is the LA Travel and Adventure Show which moved this year from Long Beach to the Los Angeles Convention Center. This made it easy for those in the suburbs, like me, to take an Amtrak Surfliner to the Los Angeles Union Station, then a Metro line to within a block of the Convention Center.  The show is also held in these cities:  San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C., San Francisco/Bay Area, Philadelphia, and Denver.  will probably appear at each city. 

additionally, this show had headline speakers like these that will probably appear at each city:


The show has other professional travelers with travel tips plus International Food demonstrations and International dance groups.


From Orange and Los Angeles Counties, you can take the Amtrak Pacific Surfliners to Los Angeles Union Station,


or Metrolink


These photos were all taken at my home station, Fullerton.


On the way from Fullerton to Los Angeles because of recent record rainfall in Southern California, I photographed several waterways with water rather than dry riverbeds.



The flyover above the LA River is a good vantage point for photos.


From the left/south side of the train into LA, I like to see what equipment is at the turntable south of the station.


No. 3751 can be spotted here often, carefully covered against the weather.


Because of washouts at La Conchita between LA and Santa Barbara, all trains were terminated at Los Angeles.  The Coast Starlight did not run on this day, so this might be the Sightseer/Lounge from that train.


The Metro building and platforms as we approach Union Station.


Only in LA:  While reloading my TAP card for use on the Metro, a young fellow nearby was very helpful.  He said he was a Screen Writer.  On the Metro, a fellow asked if I was going to the Travel Show.  Found out he was a movie extra.  A couple of vocations you might not run across at other train stations.

After reloading my TAP card with a 75cent Senior fare, I went down the escalator and boarded the Red Line from Union Station (left above), three stops to 7th Street/Metro Center where I transferred to the Blue Line to Pico about a block's walk from the LA Convention Center and the Travel show.


Metro is a subway at this point, but by the convention center, it is above ground.


It was only one stop to Pico, with no extra cost for the transfer.


Picked up my press pass at an office overlooking the convention floor.



Rick Steves highlighted his book - Europe Through The Back Door - which he upgrades each year.

IMG_2730.JPG  IMG_2727.JPG
Cardboard cutout of Rick left, and current photo right.  (Rick you might want to rethink your speaking wardrobe.)



Plenty of photo ops with the many nations represented.


Even camel rides were available.


At the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel, I reconnected with Deni.

An excellent video on their website:

I have written rail reports with photos about the Grand Canyon Railway at:

An Adventure by Train to Wild West Towns:

A Winter Ride on the Grand Canyon Railway, Williams, Arizona,  February 8, 2011:

 Rails to the Rim - Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and Train Package - October 16-18, 2008:

Stopped by the Verde Canyon Railroad Booth and met old friends.  I've written several reports on this tourist railroad and the Blazin' M Ranch and the Jerome Grand Hotel. 

Verde Canyon Railroad Overview from their website:

My reports on the Verde Canyon Railroad

Verde Canyon Railroad - Clarkdale, Arizona
Jerome Grand Hotel - Jerome, Arizona
Blazin' M Ranch - Cottonwood, Arizona

A Train for All Seasons  A Ride on the All-Season Verde Canyon Railroad, Clarkdale, Arizona:

"A Scrumptious Chuckwagon Dinner and Cowboy Music Show after a ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad":

They now market together with other attractions as "Cottonwood and Verde Valley."  Ask them for their Visitor's Guide which puts it all together The Visitor's Guide is online at:
Scroll down to "Visitor's Guide" and page through the informative booklet.

Georgetown Loop Historic Mining and Railroad Park

Video of their No. 9 steam engine:

Their web site:

My Photos of  Georgetown Loop Railroad:


This travel show always has a Photo Booth where you can select a background and get a free 4 x 6 and a digital copy send to your e-mail.



The first speaker I heard was Angel Castellanos' "Travel Smart and Pack Right"


Angel's Contacts


Angel's Long Plane Ride Essentials


In a small bag have all your electronic connectors

The main reason I go to the LA Travel and Adventure Show each year is to hear Pauline Frommer speak: 


Wouldn't her talk title attract you:  See More, Spend Less: How to Travel in 2017.



She first encourages everyone to turn on their cell phones and take photos of her slides.  I used my digital camera.  She says she updates her speeches the night before to be current.  Her contact information above.

She also has a Travel Show:

Every weekend from noon to 2pm ET, Arthur Frommer, the founder of the Frommer guidebooks and his daughter Pauline (publisher of Frommer' appear across the United States on the nationally syndicated Travel Show.

How to listen is at:

When I went to after the show, I signed up for her excellent newsletter.  At her website you can get full articles on the things she mentions briefly in her talk.


I could not remember the details about "Medallion" on a sea cruise mentioned above, but at her website is this article:


Pauline Frommer mentioned that you should search using one browser, but make your reservations in a different browser because of "cookies" left on the first browser which alert them of many details about you that the cookie collected (scraped).


One thing Pauline has, that other presenters do not have, is a large staff who do research for her.  The following are the result of some of that research:




Four airlines control 85% of domestic travel so look at these out-of-US owned airlines. "Basic Economy Fares" cannot use overhead bins, can't choose seat, can't change seats, and earn no points.


Atypical tour companies are limited to 12 people, inexpensive with international clientel.


IMG_2766.JPG found the best prices 80% of the time, her staff found.  Still, the best rates are through hotels' loyalty programs.
Bidding, for instance the Hilton Hawaiian Village, with 600 rooms, goes for $359 a night, but bidders can get you a room for $129 a night.



Never buy travel insurance from a travel agent.


Budget River Cruises - Emerald Waterways, CroisieEurope, Grand Circle (which is American owned and gives good info. before your trip).



We were asked what the 5 countries above had in common.  The answer:  They all issued travel advisories to their citizens about traveling to the US.

Other notes by Pauline Frommer: 

Beware of information on the Web such as fake reviews by the property owners.  She, of course, promotes the Frommer Guides as trusted information.  Beware of travel companies that use cookies.  She says does not use cookies, but watch because Kayak recently bought them and they may start using cookies.

Traveler's are happiest before their trips when they are reading, studying, and seeing videos of the place they will visit.

Look for "Starving Graduate Students" tours in foreign cities, they are free except for the tip.

Use a travel agent for cruises - they know the different ships in a cruise line, but they do not rep. all cruise lines.  They will know about discounts and on-board credit for the cruises they do rep.

Best places to travel in 2017:  Paris (because of attacks, tourism there is down), Montreal (anniversary), the Canadian Island of Haida Guaii.  Nashville, Tennessee, is having a centennial of the Grand Old Opry.


Between the Convention Center and the Metro stop, I passed this mural.


Soon my Blue line trolley arrived to take me to the 7th St. Station where I transferred to the Red Line and back to LA Station to catch the Surfliner (below) back to Fullerton.



Passing the Metro yard, south of LA Station.


In the Amtrak yard, we passed several private cars.







LA River was still flowing to the sea as I returned home.


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