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Train Day Los Angeles May 7, 2011 Photos by

National Train Day

Los Angeles, California, May 7, 2011

Photos and Text of Train Day by Carl Morrison,

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Fullerton, CA, where we boarded
the Pacific Surfliner to Los Angeles.

Train No. 565, in push mode, arriving at Fullerton.
Several boarded for National Train Day in LA.


After only 33 minutes on the Pacific Surfliner we were in LA Station,  looking at the Private Cars on display.

Virginia City – Business car

Silver Lariat – Coach-Dining-Dome

Silver Rapids – Sleeper

Silver Solarium – Sleeper-Lounge-Dome

Montana – Business car

Silver Solarium – Sleeper-Lounge-Dome

Silver Solarium

Inside the Silver Solarium

Silver Solarium dome

From the Silver Solarium dome at LAUS.

Matthew Morrison in the Silver Solarium dome.

Silver Solarium galley

Poster of the California Zephyr

Silver Lariat

Virginia City – Business car

Virginia City

Virginia City

Montana – Business car






Montana's platform with Don Roe and Matthew Morrison


Coast Starlight

Pacific Parlour car

Dining car

Sleeping car

Superliner Lounge car

Coach Arcade car

Amtrak California Dining car

Pacific Surfliner Business car

Coach Arcade car

Coach Starlight Coach

Superliner Lounge car

Superliner Lounge car

Superliner Lounge car

Coast Starlight Dining Car

Coast Starlight Dining Car Lunch choices

Coast Starlight Dining Car Dinner choices

Pacific Parlour car

Pacific Parlour Car desserts.

Pacific Parlour Car wines for complimentary wine tasting each afternoon on the trip.

Pacific Parlour Car wine tasting setup.

Pacific Parlour Car dinner plates.

Pacific Parlour Car center seating.

Comfortable seating at the end of the car.

Sleeping car

Bedroom set up for day use.

Bedroom set up for sleeping (lower bed and bunk).

Sink and shower in bedroom.

Superliner Roomette set up for sleeping.

Superliner Roomette set up for day use.

Amtrak California Dining car

Amtrak California Dining car

Pacific Surfliner Business car

Pacific Surfliner Business car

Metrolink Crash Energy Management Car

Metrolink Crash Energy Management
Car's Engineer's Compartment

Young visitor to train day.

Normal train operations during Train Day.

In the station tunnel to the tracks,
Kurt was taking photos and printing them for guests.

Many photos like this were taken by Kurt (left). 
This one of me and son Matthew.


Union Pacific Genset Locomotive

Pacific Harbor line PHL 80-Series 6-Axle NRE Genset Locomotive

Union Pacific Genset Locomotive

Pacific Harbor Line Genset Locomotive

Santa Fe 3751- Steam Engine

Yours Truly

Matthew Morrison

Crewman draining condensation.

The 3751 crew had the massive steam locomotive
ready for display before opening time.

Inside Los Angeles Union Station on National Train Day

The Los Angeles Station Grand Hall

Amtrak: Dining the Rail Way:

Catch a glimpse of history as you see how dining on trains has evolved, plus view live culinary demonstrations with celebrity Chefs Marcel Lagnaz and Tom Douglas and sample meals offered in Amtrak's dining cars.

We did get to sample salmon in the former Harvey House at the front of the Los Angeles Union Station.  Photos inside the former Harvey House:

From high inside the former Harvey House

Bar on east side of Harvey House.

Cooking station for Amtrak Chefs

The mirror on top of the demonstration stand.

View from inside the Harvey House,
through arches, to the main station.

President, Marti Ann Draper at the PRS table.  Ken Ruben (right).

Cathy Stanfill hosted the Depot Inn & Suites,
Silver Rails Country Booth.

There are new stores inside Union Station.

Amtrak Police K-9 Vehicle.

United Methodist Church on the Plaza

Flute player, playing the theme from Titanic while we listened.

Just across the street from Union Station is Olvera Street and China town, with ample restaurants for lunch

Dancing in the Plaza

Young performer

Souvenir and food booths around the Plaza.

Plaza decorations

Church on west side of Plaza.

Mexican wrestling masks.

Photo on a donkey, plus a mustache!

Philippe's is a regular destination for rail fans.

Too busy on Train Day, so we went one block west to Chinatown and south for lunch at a BBQ spot.

Entry Gate to Chinatown

Fun Chinatown signs.

The BBQ place where we had lunch is the only restaurant
I've been in that provides a whole loaf of bread
and roll of paper towel at the table.

My pulled pork lunch with a side of baked beans.

On the short walk back to our train back to Fullerton,
we walked out on the bridge over Hwy. 101.

Back of the Church on the Plaza shown earlier.

Old photos of downtown LA in window of
museum on the Plaza.

Restored bldg. near Plaza.

Back to Union Station for our trip back to Fullerton following our Walking Tour near Union Station.

LA Station from Olvera St. Plaza

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