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Fullerton Train Days May 4-5, 2013

Fullerton Railroad Days, May 4-5, 2013

Photos and Text by Carl Morrison,

My favorite Amtrak Poster from the past.

My favorite current Amtrak poster.

The current ticketing and recording system onboard.

These signs are used today to designate where Amtrak Stations are located.  Interesting that they use a 50s era locomotive on the sign.


As we left the Exhibit Train (right) we went through the 3 cabooses always present at the Fullerton Station and exited right in front of the BNSF locomotive on display.

Disneyland had their No. 4 on display.  She would be back on the line working at Disneyland on the following Monday.

Visitors could go into the cab and pull the whistle.  Many had their picture taken beside the locomotive.

The Amtrak booth had this photo panel hanging on the back of their tent.

In the American Rail Passenger Heritage Foundation booth, Jackie Hadnot had his 13' x 4' wood carving of the Promontory Point Golden Spike Ceremony.
More photographs of this exceptional carving is at:

Robin Bowers, a friend from the Train Travel Meetup in Fullerton, told me that the Southwest Chief would have 4 cars of LARail in tow when it arrived at 6:50 pm.  The cars were just beginning a Grand Central Limited trip

They were soon off eastbound.  Many friends of LARail were on hand to wish them well.  Their future trips are listed at:

After the Southwest Chief cleared the area, the BNSF Locomotive No. 7118 pulled the Amtrak Exhibit Train onto the mainline track 2 for a trip to Los Angeles where it will be on display next weekend for National Train Day.

In this situation, Amtrak Locomotives No. 822 and 406, that usually pull the Exhibit Train, were on the end.

As the sun was setting after Fullerton Train Day concluded, things began to look back to normal at the station.

For more photos of Fullerton Railroad Days 2013, see Chris Guenzler's report at:

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