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RBBB Blue Unit Rail Car Photos

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train

2010 Blue Unit Circus Train Report and Photos from Commerce and Anaheim, CA, by Carl Morrison

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Chapter 2:  RBBB Blue Unit Rail Car Photos taken July 13, 2010, Commerce, California

Half of the Coaches of the Blue Unit of the Ringling Circus Train above, the other half below.

Along Randolph St., near S. Eastern St., Commerce, CA, July 13, 2010

Seldom are all 32 residential cars placed in one cut, and this is only 1/2 of the train.

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Trainmaster, Keith Anderson, took those of us who were interested on a tour of the Generator Car and Mechanic's Car.

Main Generator Car, next to the Pie Car, and the Shop Car Tour:

Chief Mechanical Officer, Jeff Fordyce from Indianapolis. As it turned out, he attended the college where I graduated (years later), University of Indianapolis, and played football there one year. He's from Beech Grove, the home of the Amtrak Repair Yard.

Two catapillar engines generate the power for this 61-car, self-contained, "City Without a ZIP Code."  No external hookup is needed nor used.

Knowing Cummins engines are made in Columbus, Indiana, I asked Jeff if they ever used them, he said the Red Unit is getting a new generator car and it will have Cummins engines.

After touring the Generator Car, Keith Anderson took us, in his truck about 20 cars down the line to the mechanics car, then back to the other end of the line to his home car so we could see his dog, "Baby."

A 2008 interview with Trainmaster, Keith Anderson:

Half of the Mechanic's Shop Car.

Above left, a residential car, with hallway down the center between units.

This car, with center door, has private accommodations within that are the full width of the car.

View from the back seat of Keith's crew-cab pickup as we moved back to the Pie Car in the center of the train.

Keith pointed out the one remaining car with the older logo.

The following "Circus Train Fun Facts" were handed to each Press Conference attendee.

(Scroll to the right to see all the rail car graphic, and all the facts on the backside graphic.)

One of the favorite things I came away with was the current consist of the Ringling Blue Unit.

Keith says, if you see the train on the rails near you, it may not be in this exact order.  For instance, they take the train through New York City, and from L.A. to Ontario, CA,  and to Anaheim in two units.

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Go to the Circus, their schedule is at: 

They are in So. Cal. July 14 - August 8.

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