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Animal Walk, Anaheim

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train

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2006 Circus Train Report and Photos by Carl Morrison

Animal Walk, Cerritos and Sunkist Intersection, Anaheim, CA, July 24, 2006, 6 pm

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The Animal Walk, when circus personnel walk the large animals from their quarters on the Circus Train to the arena, has always been an exciting activity for me.  Exciting because I am able to photograph both railroad circus cars and large animals!   They do this walk immediately upon arrival from the previous city.  This Animal Walk was first scheduled for 2 pm, but I got a call that it had been delayed until 6 pm for the unloading, "Because of the railroad."  I had asked if it was because of the heat, it was 106 degrees today and 100 degrees at 6:30 pm for the animal walk.  One mother said she had called the Anaheim Pond to get the time for the Animal Walk.

I was surprised at the small number of animals that were unloaded:  8 elephants, 14 horses, 2 zedonkeys, 2 alpakas, and 2 goats.  Upon hearing this list, I remembered what friends who had seen the circus in Fresno said.  They said it was one, not three, rings, and no big cats.  Hopefully the performance will be as exciting as it has been in the past.  The Circus Train is as large as ever, I wonder what the new circus will be like.

Photos of the Animal Walk

When the animal cars arrive, first the ramps are placed.


The local TV station was on hand as was Jill Queza of B.S. Public Relations.

It was a tailgate party for the locals.
The Walkers of Anaheim had waited a long time, since they did not know about the 4-hr. time change.

Soon the animals were up close and personal with their Ringling handlers (dark shirts) and escorts (light shirts).
The blue shields on the elephant's foreheads and the train cars signifies the Blue Unit.

The small animal trailer followed the elephants, then the two zedonkeys.
The horses ended the Animal Walk.

The entire animal walk could be shown in one image!
The end...of the Animal Walk.

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