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The 10th Anniversary of, December 9, 2006.


History of
I won't repeat the History of here, but please take the time to read how this company began and what their vision was for TrainWeb, "Trains on the Web," and how they have reinvented themselves through the years.  It is most interesting and I am very happy to be associated with these folks and to be one of their Field Reporters since about 1998.

TV interview at the 10th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting

Let's Talk Trains Live Coverage of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Chris Guenzler's Travelogue to this Event

Depot Inn & Suites, LaPlata, MO

My Review of the Depot Inn & Suites, LaPlata, MO (Click Here)

Web Cam on the building in LaPlata, showing the BNSF traffic. (Click Here)

La Plata, Missouri, Official Data and Map I used in Chapter 2 of this report

Information about Rail Travel Reporter, Carl Morrison:

An early trip with my wife and kids was cross-country from Washington, DC, to Orange County, California, with stops in Chicago and Denver.  The first time I wrote a Rail Travelogue, about an Amtrak trip on the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Seattle, was in 1996! and I see that it is still online (over 10 years later) at:

I looked at my reports at, and found that my first report for TrainWeb was probably in 2002, reporting on the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train that visits Orange County, CA, each summer.  The Orange County Register wrote a story on me which is archived at:

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