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New Orleans

America by Amtrak, Coast-to-Coast and Border-to-Border

New Orleans (NOL)


Served by these Amrak Trains:  No. 19 and 20 CRESCENT, No. 58 and 59 CITY OF NEW ORLEANS, No. 1 and 2 SUNSET LIMITED.

July 17 - 20, 2016

Subtitle:  "In Search of AC"  (air-conditioning)

Photography and text by Carl Morrison

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To get in the 'Nawlins mood, you may want to listen to a bit of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band - "Tailgate Ramble":

Amtrak Destination City, New Orleans, Louisiana

Arrival in New Orleans on the CRESCENT from Charolette, North Carolina, about 7:30 pm.


Arriving in New Orleans on the CRESCENT, after crossing Lake Pontchartrain, you pass a giant cemetery on the left/east side of the train.


New Orleans skyline past gigantic grave yard near sunset Sunday July 17, 2016.


First Baptist Church of New Orleans next to the Metairie Cemetery pictured above.



The CRESCENT glides by the Mercedes-Benz Superdome approaching the New Orleans Amtrak Station.


Smothie King Arena to the left of the Superdome and New Orleans downtown to the right.


New Orleans Amtrak Station

 I contacted Uber, and after about a 7-block, $5 ride up Loyola Ave. I arrived at the Holiday Inn - Superdome. 

Where to Stay



Holiday Inn Downtown - Superdome, 330 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112  800-315-2621

VERY reasonable rates.  We had: 

Comfortable double beds including a balcony hosting spectacular city views and all the amenities you expect from a modern hotel such as a flat screen TV refrigerator microwave keurig seating area work space and free WiFi.




That is not a reflection, there were two sinks!



View from Room 1007.  The pool is on the 8th floor.


This July 17, 2016, happened to be a full moon over New Orleans.  There is a Holiday Inn Express, bottom center, about a block away.


The next day I was able to photograph this excellent hotel from the outside.


Very unique painting of a clarinet on the south side of the hotel.


There is even a reflection of the buildings in the chrome on the painted clarinet.


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Where to Eat

Holiday Inn Downtown - Superdome has a nice "The Clarinet" dining room and bar on the premises.


View of the bar from the hotel lobby.


Through the bar is a large dining room with a surprise salad bar.


This is truly a rail fan's streetcar salad bar.


This is the art on the back of the salad bar!  The hotel is known for its excellent New Orleans-themed artwork



Paintings in the bar, cafe, lounge and drive-in registration area.


Since I would be riding the St. Charles Streetcar for the first time, this art piece gave me a good idea of how it would look.





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Even the outside of the Holiday Inn Superdome had excellent artwork.


In the French Market, I grabbed lunch, not wanting to search out a restaurant for a lengthy lunch, at the Gazebo Cafe.  It is on the west end of the covered marketplace.  Outdoor tables overlook Latrobe Park.  Restrooms nearby as well. 



Accompaning jazz at the Gazebo Cafe.



Back down by the River at suppertime, I walked through the food court of the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk, with part of the 25,000 Lutheran Youth in town.

Mike Anderson’s Seafood



It took me a while, not being impressed with the photos of their food, but I selected "Seafood Gumbo" and a tiny wine serving.


The best part was riveside seating.

What to Do

First Day:  Picked up a New Orleans map from Karlin OiNeill at the Concierge's desk at the Holiday Inn and she gave me some coupons and pointed out excellent places to go and explained the streetcar system.  $3 for a 24 hr. pass on the streetcars!

Boarded Loyola Ave. trolley right next to the Holiday Inn.  Took it to Canal St. then down Canal St. to the end of the line.  Ferry across to Algiers and right back.  Then the Riverfront Streetcar to the French Market.  Then walked back through wrought iron balconies and took the St. Charles street car to the end and back.  Some nice rain showers along the way helped decrease the humidity.  Finished up the waterfront street car and walked back through the River Walk Outlet Center and bought tickets on the Creole Queen Riverboat for the next night’s Jazz and Dinner cruise.  Then took the street car back up Canal St. and to the end of the Loyola Ave. run to the Train Station, then back a couple of stops to the hotel.


Karlin O'Neill at the Concierge's desk at the Holiday Inn


The "H" in the upper left quadrant of the map is the Holiday Inn Superdome.  The streetcar runs right past the front door.  Note the dotted line from the hotel to the right, then down Canal St. to the Mississippi River where you can catch the Ferry to Aliers, or the Waterfront streetcar to French Market.


From the Holiday Inn, walk either direction on Loyola Ave. to catch the streetcar at Poydras or Common Street.  This is the only air-conditioned line of the 3 in town.

The streetcar continues to Canal St. then turns down Canal to within about 1/2 block of the Mississippi River and another Streetcar Line along the Riverfront, or take the Ferry to Algiers and back.



Canal St. streetcars.  After 5,000 miles on the train around the USA, I was glad to see Palm Trees again, like I am used to back in Southern California.


End of the Canal St. line adjacent to Harrah's.  Note, the windows are down, thus Air Conditioning!


The Canal St. ferry to Algiers, across the Mississippi River in New Orleans is $2 each way for Seniors.



A large cruise ship in New Orleans.


Algiers ferry dock.


Algiers ferry dock mural


Algiers from the ferry dock.


Drydock for a tow boat and a Carnival cruise ship from the Algiers ferry.


St. Luis Cathedral from the Canal St. Ferry


New Orleans skyline from Canal St. Ferry


New Orleans Riverfront with Natchez Riverboat, Home of Jax Beer, and St. Louis Cathedral from Canal St. Ferry.


River Walk from Canal St. Ferry to French Market, past Natchez Riverboat.  Best to take the Riverfront Streetcar.


Riverfront Streetcar Line near Canal St. Streetcar and Canal St. Ferry.  This line goes north as far as the French Market.


Each Stop on the Riverfront Line has a large map listing the attractions at each stop with the current stop having a blue background.


After riding the Canal St. Ferr to Algiers and back, I boarded the Riverfront Line to the French Market.  All these Streetcar rides were included in my $3 day pass.

_MG_3533.JPG  _MG_3534.JPG

Glad to see Accessible loading and lockdown inside the streetcar.


When I was a kid, my folks and I went to New Orleans and near here they were unloading bananas.  A worker pitched down bananas for all of us.  They were also looking for tranchulas.  This is the French Market Station, or last stop, on the Riverfront Line.


French Market Station.  Crescent Park is farther up the flood wall.  Look for a photo later in the report from the Creole Queen.


East Entrance to the French Market.


Transportation to the french Market.


Well lighted market, still hot and humid, however.


The photo in the upper right above caught my eye, so I taked to the man in the booth who was the author, Brian Paul Brightdawn.


The title alluded to "The Art of Train Hopping," but was a movie filmed while train hopping.  I bought the two-disk set you see above which was the movie and a music disk of some of the hobo's music.  Brian says he makes a living from this booth in the French Market and plans other books.  He lives upstairs above the bikes in the photo above.


I am always interested in local photographers.  This lady produced all her work in matted black and whites.




Two cannon in front of Joan of Arc statue on Decatur Street at the /french Market.


France erected the statue in 1972 as a gift to New Orleans, whose namesake, Orléans, was one of the towns Joan of Arc (1412-1431) defended from the English during the Hundred Years War (1337-1453). In the city’s defense, she was overwhelmingly successful, but her exploits did not stop there. In just over a year, this teenager led troops in 13 different battles and sieges.   


Just off Decatur Street the traditional fern-filled balconies flourish in the very humid New Orleans weather in July.


We had a light shower so I stepped under a wrought iron balcony for a photo.  The near plants had red christmas bulbs in them, but I liked the red on green.


Interior courtyards are very popular in the vintage architecture, to help cool the upstairs accommodations.


Irene's Cuisine at 539 St Philip St, New Orleans, LA 70116


Wet streets always enhance a photo, I believe. (HDR)



Sue and I took a carriage tour of the French Quarter years ago and I wondered about doing it again with Matt, but the schedule never had time in it.  They have a cute website at:



HDR can enhance a photo by lightening shadows and intensifying color.




Earlier in the day at this location, Bourbon and Orleans, there was a film crew doing work on a future film, "Girl Trip".




Back on Decatur Street, I found the "Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve" visitor center with restrooms and a cool place to sit for a while at 419 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130.







Also at 415 Decatur St. I found the Cigar Factory with Cuban cigar makers using tobacco from Nicaragua to make expensive cigars.











This bicycle caught my eye in front of the Praline Candy Kitchen at 301 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130





In a shower, I ducked under an awning at Huck Finn's at 135 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130, to photograph raindrops and umbrellas.


     _MG_3804.JPG    _MG_3803.JPG

"You can't dampen Love" especially at an ATM (right photo).


    Holiday Inn - Superdome, 330 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112  800-315-2621
    Streetcar Schedules and Maps:

    Excellent History of the New Orleans Streetcars:

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