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Saturday Night Music at West Winery, Macon, Missouri

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Saturday Night Music at West Winery, Macon, Missouri

On this trip to Silver Rails Country for the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Orginizational Meeting, February, 2013, I purposely arranged for my return Amtrak Train to California to begin on Sunday, after a Saturday night's stay in La Plata, Missouri.  I wanted to see what entertainment West Winery would have on a wintery Saturday night.

West Winery's Facebook Page showed that my kind of music was on the agenda for February 23: 

Their Facebook Post:  "Snow won't stop the party - live jazz with Jamie Baker tonight 6-9pm!!! Downtown streets were cleared - bc Jamie is just that good. ;) " 

Steve, Barbara, Tom, Shelley, Bill and I piled into the Depot Inn & Suites van and made our way to dinner in Macon, then to the West Winery to visit with Winemakers; Chris West and Kayla Swantz, and to enjoy the music of Jamie Baker.  Jamie selected popular music from my era, so I recognized each piece he played.  The place was packed, so be sure to be in Silver Rails Country on a Saturday night and take in Chris West's great wines, some cave-aged cheese, and live music.

They had such a good turnout on this cold, snowy evening that we got the last seats by the door. 
You can see Chris (with the hat) serving wine upper left of the photo.
Don't you agree that those stained glass windows in the back add character to this hip wine tasting room?

Jamie Baker, sax, provided excellent, memorable music for the evening.

Kayla Swantz, West Winery Winemaker

Chris West, West Winery Owner and Winemaker


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