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American Orient Express

United States - Deluxe Rail Journeys On Americas Premier Train

By Carl Morrison,



WHO: The American Orient Express (AOE) is owned by Oregon Rail Holdings, LLC (ORH) of Portland, Oregon.  AOE has been owned and operated by Oregon Rail Holdings since 1997.

WHAT: AOE is North America’s only private, deluxe train, offering eight regional, three to nine-night itineraries in 2006 throughout the United States and Mexico.  AOE is noted for its exceptional service, outstanding cuisine, and deluxe, vintage furnishings and appointments.  The classically trained staff pampers each traveler.  

WHEN: Unlike regional trains that operate only seasonally, AOE operates during all four seasons, taking travelers on regional rail experiences at the optimal time of year for each destination.  For example, the AOE spends early spring in the Deep South, spring and fall on the West Coast, the summer months in the National Parks, and fall and winter in Mexico’s Copper Canyon.

WHERE: AOE’s itineraries often include the tracks less traveled, taking travelers on “rare mileage” routes that have been virtually abandoned to only freight trains since the decline of commercial passenger service some 50 years ago.  In developing its eight itineraries, AOE has sought out these tracks to give travelers the rare opportunity to see some of the most spectacular wilderness areas of North America.  In addition to offering travelers a deluxe, vintage rail experience, AOE programs include in-depth, regional exploration along the way featuring lecturers, historians, off-train tours and excursions.

WHY: North America is undergoing a renaissance in rail travel, with increased interest in transportation and tourist-related trains.  AOE believes there is a need for all levels of service, and is committed to providing a high-end product that delivers quality as well as the widest variety of itineraries offered by one company.

HOW: AOE’s 17-car train consist (excluding locomotives) travels on eight separate itineraries depending on the time of year.  To reposition the train from east to west, the company offers an annual transcontinental itinerary from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles in April.  Throughout the rest of the year, the train travels in the west, north and deep south, including such varied venues as the Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountains, national parks, and Mexico’s Copper Canyon.

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