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Are you watching those Waupaca trains again?

Are you watching those Waupaca trains again?


There's a webcam at the depot in Waupaca, Wisconsin. It has been running since June 4th, 2019. It's convenient on these hot summer days, to be sitting at my breakfast table 30 miles away and see what's happening.

And there's plenty of watchers logged in, and making comments about the trains.
Over 240 people watched the local switcher set out cars at the Foundry.

I can't keep my eyes glued to the screen waiting for a train.
So to get something useful done between trains, I also use my simple old Menards $25 wonder tablet as a second source to read the news and weather around the country and the world.


I read some of the train chat that is shown near the webcam.
That might give a heads-up if a train is near.
I leave the volume on high, and when I hear a roar of engines, I look at the screen.

And then my wife hears it and says,
Are you watching those Waupaca trains again?


Waupaca depot webcams 2019 are viewable on the Virtual Railfan web site or on You tube.
This was a current link as of August 26,2019:
Waupaca depot West webcam
And if you find it, you can click on-screen to see the other camera that is looking east.
You could look up the words
'Waupaca depot webcam'
and if the first youtube page doesn't show a live view, go to the right of that page that shows other choices
and scroll through the offerings to find a LIVE Waupaca Depot webcam.


I have seen a sand train pass by the Waupaca depot, and then I saw it again in Wisconsin Rapids by myself 4 hours later.
I live 3 miles from Stevens Point, so if I really wanted to, I could see an interesting westbound on the camera in Waupaca and then see it here. Although, I missed seeing the CN executive passenger coaches by a half hour because I didn't watch long enough. But at least they put it on a replay on You Tube. I would have gone to see it and record it myself when it came through Point; when something that special comes through.

The sunsets are good from the depot webcam, better than from my home which has too many trees blocking my view of the West.

If you don't want to wait for a train on the webcam, then feel welcome to see pictures and history of other trains around central Wisconsin on my train web pages:

. . . . . Bruce's Railroad Pictures on the TrainWeb site.

This page was wrote in July, 2019