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Copper Country Aerial views .

Copper Country Aerial views

I didn't dig out my slide box of historical scenes of Houghton and the Copper Country
when there were stills rails on the ties (but no trains) in the 1980's.

But I do have the special paint Athearn boxcar COPR 4012 for the Copper Range RR.
I think it was from a hobby shop somewhere west of Chicago, that Jon and Larry and I visited maybe in the late 1970's.
(And that coal hopper is from something that they weathered so nicely.
. . . . . I haven't taken time to weather my rail cars, as you can see from that boxcar.)



I spent a few days in the last century exploring Copper Country.

I do aerial photography from a kite,
and know it takes time and sometimes luck to get the views I expect.

But today it's not my pictures that I want to show.

I haven't been back to the UP (Upper Peninsula, NOT Union Pacific), but it sure is good to see the work of other people in that area.
Kite aerial work can take a minumum of 1/2 hour per location, and the weather and sunshine might not be perfect.
So I really appreciate it when other aerial photographers make the effort and then share their results.

Please see these Flickr pictures from 2013 of the Portage Lake and Houghton and the Keweenaw National Historic Park
If you go to them individually, you will have to use BACK to get to my page.

the whole set of the area by 'invinci_bull'

Here's links to some of my favorite Individual pictures, and from one of them you could get into his sets:
Stamp Mill ruins
Lake Linden, MI
Torch Lake RR
Quincy Smelter
Quincy Mill
Quincy Dredger in Torch Lake
Keweenaw depot ? is now a clinic ?
Quincy Smelter
Tamarack City MI
Portage Lake lift bridge
Quincy smelter and Portage Lake
smelter and the autumn colors

Enjoy. Watch his page for more pictures added after this date. I'm hope there's still more to be seen.
Be sure to thank him for showing great views of the area.

. . . . you can see interesting low-aerial views from all over the world at Kite Aerial Photography on Flickr pictures.


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This page was wrote in Nov, 2013.