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More Snow in Wisconsin .

More Snow in Wisconsin

. . . . Plover, Wisconsin by the yard office.


The days are short.
I practice some night photography.
I really should try my portable spotlight, there's rarely a streetlight where I need it.

So there's 3 big locomotives sitting in Wisconsin Rapids in the early evening.
Like a pod of sleeping whales, I see them all around me.
A big one broadside on my left, nose-on. Another hard to my right. And one dead ahead.
. . . . . . . Don't disturb them or they will scatter?

And I'm fiddling with a tripod and camera settings and focusing in the dark,
. . . . . . . . . . . and the closest engine leaves!

I grab what I can and still botch it. It's not the same scene. In seconds, the best one is rolling away into the distance.
The missing scene will have to be left to a painter or Train Simulator.

Or I could re-create it by taking some views on other nights, and stitch them into a panoramic.
If I could match the zoom setting. And the light snow that gave some glow to the sky.
I just need the engine that got away on the left. That happens occasionally on that side,
it's a convenient parking spot for a crew to get to the yard office.
What was rare was 3 spread out so nicely.

Back in Plover on another night.
I could make believe the brick building is a depot, but it's just a bank.


We now have about 12 inches of snow accumulated in some areas.

The last snow was fluffy and came straight down, 5 inches deep.

The Christmas trees have a big coating and the lights look bigger than they are.

It's the end of another year, but not the end of the world (Mayan calendar)


I offer a big thank you to all the poeple
who post pictures and news on the internet.

It's been interesting when a few people emailed me about some historical questions,
and people on the Yahoo groups have been very helpful to gather information to get answers.


I don't travel as much as I used to,
and enjoy seeing railroad action from around the world.
Especially Utah, and Chile. Those places are so remote that it looks like another planet.


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This page was wrote in December, 2012.