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Night scenes in Wisconsin Rapids .
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Night scenes in Wisconsin Rapids

The days are short. Sometimes I see trains after dark, when it is hard to take pictures.
It can be hard for a little point-and-shoot camera to get a focus on dark objects.

The LTEX 702 little gp 7 was on the west side of Wisconsin Rapids,
ready to go west with the night train to Badger Mining.

And here's Carl's picture of it in the daytime when it passed through Stevens Point
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And see when it arrived in Point at night.

And somewhere on a Yahoo group message is a link to the Columbia and Cowlitz picture when the paint was better.


It was just sitting at the end of all the empty sand hoppers that go west to Taylor and Blair.




And on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a UP train comes into Wisconsin Rapids from the south.
With two Southern Pacific engines. (no picture of them, they wouldn't wait for me)
. . . . . . . . . And a CABOOSE !

They wye the train before backing north into the yard at Dura Beauty Lane.

So somewhere in the dark east of here, the SP engines might be parked
on the bridge over the Wisconsin River, waiting to finish the back up move.


The air temperature is 50 F, warmer than normal for this time of year. (But that's predicted to change by Friday.)
Easy to keep fingers warm while working the little buttons on the camera.
Lots of dud pictures after the camera said it had a focus and it really didn't.

It may be just a little transfer caboose, but that's more than we'll see in the middle of Wisconsin in this century.
I used to take lots of pictures of cabooses when they were on every train, guaranteed.

Some decade, I will make a simple transfer caboose for my Bruce's Crossing Railway and Navigation Company.
I really like the bay window style.


The crew said this job runs Wednesdays with the caboose.
I vaquely remember reading about this a long time ago, but haven't seen it until now.
The caboose should help with the back up moves by Nekoosa paper mill and Wisconsin Rapids.
Notice that a FRED is still in use.

Does this job start from Adams or Butler?


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