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Election Day Snow .

Election Day Snow

Election Day, November 6, 2012, and it started snowing at 7 am.
First a few specks that could only be seen when highlighted by falling in front of a dark spruce.
Then ten minutes of dime-size flakes, very pretty.
The kind that are big enough to show up in pictures.
But I know the large flakes won't last.
In minutes, the snow is wind-blown.
And I'm still indoors, nice and dry.

Later, I'm out driving and see the Biron switch job.
The air temperature is 32 F, yet the snow is sticking.

My camera batteries quit before I could take a picture of the poor brakeman outdoors in a hooded yellow rain coat.
About an inch accumulated, and it didn't melt for 2 days.


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This page was wrote in November, 2012.