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Black Bridge maintenance .

Black Bridge maintenance

The Black Bridge crosses the Wisconsin River in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.
And on Friday July 13, 2012, there are two cranes working.
No trains for a few hours during this maintenance window.

I see welded rail in place, tie plates up the middle of the ties, . . . .

And its 85 degrees F in the middle of the morning.


For a different view of this bridge, see Wisconsin River panoramic
and it has links that are a few years old, so use BACK to return to here.


None of these pictures were taken with a pole camera.

I have gone back to an old photo program to get smaller file sizes for pictures for a web page.
Some might get blurry if you zoom in a lot. But it saves space for the server and downloads very fast.
If you want the full size picture, please contact me. An e-address is in the box on my index page.

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This page was wrote in July, 2012.