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Union Pacific in Wisconsin Rapids .

Union Pacific in Wisconsin Rapids

The Union Pacific now has the coal contract to Weston Power near Wausau.
Wyoming - Chicago - Adams - Necedah - then north to Wausau.
Just one day in January, all this power was by the yard office on Dura Beauty Lane in Wisconsin Rapids.
I wouldn't expect the power to be off the train like this very often.

And that evening I saw the tail end of a southbound empty coal train with one UP loco on the rear, moving 20 mph and tying up traffic at the 5 o'clock rush hour.

I haven't asked or looked if there is a schedule to these new trains through this city.

A few years ago, the coal trains sometimes did a crew change in town by stopping for a few minutes at the yard office.
Which blocked some big grade crossings in town.

There's a comment on Yahoo groups that CN built a new siding between Necedah and Wisconsin Rapids to handle the extra trains.
It's called Whit. . . . . (Is that because the Whittlesey Cranberry Company bog is nearby?)
Maybe County Road GG about 4 miles west of Nekoosa. I haven't looked.
That area is flat wet sand country with woods, except for two miles of cranberry bogs.

Here is oleroadslug's picture of a train in the siding and you'll have to use BACK to return to here.


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