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DART Ticket Vending Machines

DART Automated Fare Machines

DART utilizes automatic ticketing machines at all rail stations. Two machines (and often four) will be found at each station, with at least one machine on each side of tracks. Instructions for use are printed on the machine, and prompts are made by the digital window located above the selection buttons.


1. Select the ticket type. This is accomplished by pushing one of the buttons in the lower left column of buttons on the machine. The choices are SINGLE, DAY PASS, ROUND TRIP, and 11-TRIPS. Most passengers choose, a SINGLE ride ticket (good for 90 minutes unlimited travel from the time of purchase). Push the button until the machine "beeps" to record your choice. Buttons are frequently stiff and require some pressure to activate. SINGLE tickets are pre-validated with a time and date stamp. ROUND TRIP and 11-TRIP tickets must be stamped with time and date in the adjacent red validator machine after purchasing tickets.

2. Select the fare type. The second column of buttons contains choices of LOCAL, PREMIUM, and REDUCED. Most passengers choose the LOCAL type. Choose the REDUCED category for all trips within the Central Business District (from Convention Center and Union Station to Pearl Street Station. REDUCED is also available for children (students), senior citizens, and the disabled, regardless of trip length. PREMIUM tickets are for special express buses, and are not applicable to rail travel unless you are connecting to one of these routes.

3. Insert money. Coin slots are not normally open until the machine processes the ticket request. When the machine is ready to accept payment, a light appears near the coin slot. Insert change (no pennies or 50-cent coins). If no change is inserted, the currency reader activates and bills may be inserted. The machine will take $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. Insert bill oriented according to illustration on machine. The currency readers may prove contrary, particularly if bills are damp, wrinkled or faded. Susan B. Anthony $1.00 coins are an excellent choice for travelers who wish to avoid this difficulty and potential delay. (Most change provided by ticket machines is in the form of $1.00 coins.)

4. Retrieve ticket(s). After payment has been processed, a card ticket will drop into bin at lower part of machine, and light will flash in this area. Push clear plastic guard inward to retrieve ticket. Remember to validate ROUND TRIP and 11-RIDE tickets. Pink background tickets are REDUCED fare tickets; blue background tickets are regular (LOCAL) fare tickets.

In the event that a selection error is made at any point in the ticketing process, a CANCEL button is located at the upper left of the machine. Pressing this button will cancel the transaction in its entirety.



Posted Sunday August 24, 1997.