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Detroit, Hillsdale &Southwestern Railroad

On Saturday morning last, as the nine o'clock mail train train, was about 2 ¼ miles west of this place, the rear coach was was thrown from the track by a broken rail, went down an eight-foot embankment, landing bottom-side-side-up in the ditch. Fortunately there were only a few passengers in the coach, two of which—an old lady living near Bridgewater station and a young, were considerably injured, the others-- among them being Andrew Tuttle and Austin Blanchard of this village, escaped with a few scratches and a good shaking up. The wounded ones were taken to Bridgewater (they could not bring them to this station, owing to the broken rail) and Dr. D. Hall, of this place, telegraphed for, who soon arrived and dressed their wounds. The coach was badly wrecked. Later—We learn that the above lady's name is Felton. It is also rumored that she has since died from the effect of her injuries.

Saline Observer June 2, 1881

The D. H. & S. W. Ry. Has a new engine, the No. 2.

Saline Observer Aug. 25, 1881


Saline Observer Sept. 8, 1881


What might have been a very serious accident occurred on the D. H. & S. W., near the depot last evening. A brakeman neglected to close the lower switch and in consequence the 7:42 evening express which came in at a good rate of speed, instead of running in on the main track as it usually does, was switched on the sidetrack, on which were standing several flat cars. The engineer was the mistake as soon as he reached the switch, and tried to stop his train, but it was impossible for him to do so, and with no small amount of force his engine struck one of the cars. The consequence was a wrecked flat car and a badly damaged engine. Had the cars been standing nearer the switch, there would probably have been a much more disastrous accident. The express train was delayed several hours in consequence. It is quite probably the brakeman will get the “g. b.”

Saline Observer Sept. 22, 1881

The L. S. & M. S. Ry. Co. took possession of the D. H. & S. W. on Monday last, on which day a special train conveyed about 29 officers of the L. S, & M. S. over their new acquisition. We are unable to learn what the result of the change will be, but quite certain that it will be beneficial to the people along the line.

Saline Observer Nov. 10, 1881

The following very desirable (??) change in time and trains on this branch of L. S. & M. S., very readily convinces all who thought the falling of the D. H. & S. W., into the hands of the L. M. & M/. S., would by so great an advantage, that they are badly “left.” One train each way has been taken off entirely, while the remaining, run as follows; Mail and express, going west 9:45. a. m.; Mail and express going east 5:29, p. m.; freight west Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 8:27 a. m.; freight east Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 4:10 p. m. Trains now run by Columbus time, which is very near local time. By the above it will be seen that if our business men wish to spend a day in Detroit, they will either be obliged to remain there two nights, or drive back and forth between this place and Ypsilanti. Then our freight, it will be so handy(?) to receive it, ever-other day.

Saline Observer Dec. 8, 1881

A brand new engine now draws the passenger train over this branch of the L. S. & M. S.

The removal of the D. H. & S. W. shops from our city to Elkhart is not calculated to make us feel very pleasantly. The removal is specially aggravating to those of our citizens who aided in contributing $1,500 only two years ago to build the shops. [Ypsilanti Commercial].

Saline Observer 12-28-1881

From Meints’ Michigan Railroad Lines;
7/4/1871 Detroit, Hillsdale & Indiana (DH&I) builds Ypsilanti to Saline, 10.7 mi

9/23/1871 DH&I completes Saline to Manchester, 13.3 mi

1/1872 DH&I builds Manchester to Hillsdale, 35.2 mi

11/1872 DH&M builds Hillsdale to Bankers, 2.1 mi

1/30/1875 DH&I reorganized as Detroit, Hillsdale & Southwestern

9/5/1881 DH&SW leased to LS&MS

1/1/1915 Lease assigned to NYC

1961 Bridgewater to Brooklyn abandoned, 16.7 mi

1961 Cement City to North Adams abandoned, 13.1 mi

1967 Bridgewater to Saline abandoned, 6.3 mi

2/1/1968 Penn Central purchases DH&SW

1969 Ypsilanti to Pittsfield Jct abandoned, 4.1 mi

1969 Pittsfield Jct to Saline sold to Ann Arbor, 6.4 mi

1970 Brooklyn to Cement City abandoned, 6.0 mi

1972 Hillsdale to North Adams abandoned, 7.1 mi

DH&I had 0.4 mi of track rights on the MC to reach their depot in Ypsilanti

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