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Even More Photos Taken On Amtrak's Texas Eagle
The Amtrak (former Santa Fe) Station at Temple, TX.
Former Santa Fe 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Locomotive #3423.
Pullman Troop Sleeper #9826.
Pullman Sleeper "Clover Glade".
Former Amtrak (Originally Santa Fe) 10/6 Sleeping Car #2986 - Pine Mesa.
More Historic Equipment at Temple, TX.
Former Santa Fe CF-7 wearing BNSF #1680.
Former Santa Fe HH600 #2301, known as the oldest surviving Santa Fe locomotive in existence.
Former Santa Fe Caboose #1556.
The Central Texas Area Model Railroaders Building at Temple, TX.
Lots of cows and cattle ranches! The reddish tint in this photo wasn't a photo trick, but rather the reflection
looking out the glass of the train and I may have left the polarizer filter on the lens as well, oh well!
More cows west of Taylor, TX.
Austin, capital of the Lone Star State! Here the train takes a break at the Austin Station just before sunset.
Another view of the train with the beautiful Austin skyline at sunset in the background.
The Austin, TX Amtrak Station, formerly a Missouri Pacific Station.
LEFT: A High-rise building in front of the train in Austin. RIGHT: The Hemisphere Tower in San Antonio, TX all lit up!!!
The Texas Eagle at its final destination of San Antonio, TX (at least if you're not riding towards Los Angeles that is).
The Sunset Station facility near San Antonio Station.
A view of the train from the platform at San Antonio.
Another view of the train at San Antonio.
Former Southern Pacific 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive #794 all lit up at San Antonio Station!