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Check Out Some Nevada Southern Roster Photos
Former Union Pacific GP30 #844.
Pullman built NSRM Coach #601.
NSRM #501, the open-air car. This was a former lunch counter car for the Union Pacific.
NSRM Coach #604. This car is ADA (American's With Disabilities Act) Compliant featuring the large doors.
NSRM Coach #603.
The NSRM Diesel Generator car. This car provides the HEP (Head-End Power) electric power to the train.
NSRM Caboose #101. A Former Union Pacific caboose that is also used as the "locomotive" if you will
so a member of the train crew can watch when the train is being "pushed" back to Boulder City.
NVSR NW-2 #1000 on static display.
Union Pacific 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive #6264.
Railway Post Office Car.
Union Pacific caboose #3505.