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Even More Photos Taken On Amtrak's Sunset Limited
The Sunset Limited at Tucson during our extended stop there!
Another night photo of the train in Tucson. I love night photography!!!
A wind farm near Palm Springs, CA.
Rear train view near Ordway, CA.
North Garey Ave in Pomona, CA near the Amtrak station there.
Amtrak's station in Pomona, CA as seen from my sleeping car window.
Another view of the Amtrak station at Pomona.
Nice view up on top of those hills!
Some serious graffiti on those cars!
Getting close to L.A.!
Crossing The Los Angeles River.
Making the final turn towards Union Station.
Welcome to the City of Angels!
Some private cars based at Union Station.
Metrolink Commuter Train near Union Station.
The Sunset Limited having just arrived at Los Angeles Union Station.
Private car "Tioga Pass" on the end of Amtrak's Coast Starlight which is pulling into the station here.
Pullman Sleeping Car "Pacific Sands" also on the end of the Starlight!
New Jersey Transit cars, ouch, that must have been an awful long commute from Camden!!!
Amtrak's Train #14 - The Coast Starlight having just pulled into L.A. Union Station.