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Photos Taken On Amtrak's Sunset Limited
The Sunset Limited at its station stop at Del Rio, TX.
The Pecos River near Langtry, TX. We're riding over the highest railroad bridge in America!
Wonder if anyone lives there?
Old U.S. Highway 90 in the foreground and the current 90 in the background!
Buzzards!!! Not the bird you wanna see if your car is broken down on the side of the road!
On the other side of that river in the middle of the photo is Mexico! This is near the location of Judge Roy Bean's court.
He was known as "the hanging judge"!
Eagle West Creek with U.S. 90 crossing over.
Another view of Eagle West Creek, looks a little dry!
Prickly Pears! Now that's something you don't see back in New York!
Hey someone get out there and grab that truck!
Nice view out the back of the last car, which was my sleeping car! Very unique view of the railroad!
A farm house near Fedora, TX.
A bay-window caboose on display at the Alpine, TX Amtrak Station.
Train view at our station stop at Alpine.
Amtrak's station at Alpine, TX.
This station is the closest to Big Bend National Park.
The Sunset Limited taking a break at Alpine, TX.
Alpine Station as viewed from the last car of the train shortly after departure.
Rounding the bend west of Alpine Station.