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The Galesburg Amtrak Station
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2004:
The Galesburg Amtrak Station
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
   Galesburg is home to a nice Amtrak Station that is located in the heart of this Midwestern railroad town on South Seminary St. Burlington Northern & Santa Fe trains are a common site through this area along with 6 Amtrak trains per day, below are a few photos of the general area around the station...

Amtrak's Station In Galesburg, IL.
A view from the platforms looking East on the BNSF main line.

Train #5 - The California Zephyr stopped at Galesburg on September 27th, 2004.

Train #4 - The Southwest Chief arriving at Galesburg on September 28th, 2004.

Finally, Amtrak Train #6 - The California Zephyr arriving at Galesburg on September 28th, 2004.
Located just next door to the Amtrak Station is the Galesburg Railroad Museum, a must see for any Burlington Fan!