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Railfanning Chicago's Roosevelt Avenue - September 27th, 2004
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2004:
Railfanning At Chicago's
Roosevelt Avenue Overpass
Monday, September 27th, 2004
The Amtrak/Metra Coach Yards as seen from Roosevelt Avenue, this bridge provides some
great wide-open views of the coach yards with the beautiful Chicago skyline in the background.
Above Left: Light Amtrak Power moving in and out of the Chicago Coach Yards. Above Right: A Metra Commuter train departs Union Station. The World Famous Sears Tower adds a really nice touch to any photo in this area!

Amtrak Train #41 - The Three Rivers passing by Metra's
coach yard just before arriving at Chicago Union Station
ending a journey from New York that began the previous day.

Johnstown America Corporation, a manufacturer of freight cars had a
display as well as this enormous billboard on Roosevelt Avenue,
advertising it's display at Global Railway Tech 2004, a trade show
for members of the railroad industry that was held in Chicago
this year in Metra's Coach Yard, among the other companies
represented were EMD and GE Transportation Systems.
Global Railway Tech 2004, a trade show for railroads was in full swing
when I was visiting Roosevelt Avenue, however it was only open to those
who worked in the railroad industry and was therefore not open to railfans,
thus the distant photo of the displays...
This Burlington Northern Caboose was seen coupled to some Metra Commuter
Coaches in the coach yard, note the "painted" window on the cupola!
This private car was sitting in the yard and would be tied onto the end of the
Cardinal the following night. If anyone knows the heritage of this car, along
with a Vista Dome car that is painted just like it, please send me an E-Mail.

A Metra Commuter Train backing into Union Station for an afternoon run.


Finally, a short equipment move lead by Amtrak P42DC #168, the two private cars
on the right would be running on the Cardinal the following evening to Indianapolis.