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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Sunset Limited
This was the Amtrak California Thruway Bus I rode from Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal to Bakersfield.
A quick view of F59PHI #2009 which would be pulling the train to Emeryville today.
The platform at Bakersfield shortly before departure.
Another Amtrak information sign, this time at Bakersfield.
Shortly after departing Bakersfield, lots of farmland!
An Interior View of Amtrak California Coach/Baggage #8203. Nice comfortable seats!
Taking a break at Hanford, CA.
Arriving at Madera, CA.
Some BNSF Power near Merced, CA.
A Lockheed SR-71 plane at the Castle Air Museum in Atwater, CA. This plane was capable of breaking the sound barrier!
A whole bunch of planes at the Castle Air Museum.
Lots of cows! Agriculture is huge in this part of the state.
More cows near Modesto, CA.
Crossing the Union Pacific at Modesto, CA.
Arriving at Stockton, CA.
Taking a quick break at Stockton, CA. Yes, that fat shadow in the foreground on the platform is me taking this picture!
A couple boaters near Antioch, CA. I should invest in a jet ski!
A Capital Corridor train with P42DC #55 for power at Martinez, CA as seen from my train.
Now just after sunset, we see the Navy's "Mothball Fleet" at Suisun Bay.