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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Sunset Limited
The only way I could caption this photo would be: "How many Amtrak mechanics does it take to change a light bulb???"
The reason for the ladder in front of the locomotive was so that a light bulb could be changed, really! No idea though why
there was also a broom placed there. The locomotive is "blue-flagged" by nature of the blue light in the window of the
cab per federal law since the train was being worked on at the time which explains the blue light in the window.
Taking a smoking break at Del Rio, TX.
Lake Amistad near the Mexican border.
Looking out the back of the train at the Pecos River bridge, at 351 feet tall, it's the tallest railroad bridge in America!!!
The enormous Pecos River!
The Amtrak Station in Sanderson, TX, which is a flag stop on the Sunset Limited.
You see a lot of windmills in this part of the country!
Nice place for a picnic!
Taking a quick break at Alpine, TX which is the gateway to Big Bend National Park in southwestern Texas.
A former Southern Pacific caboose on display at the Alpine Amtrak Station.
The new ADA compliant platform under construction at the Alpine station.
Just west of Alpine station, we waited to let our eastbound counterpart, Train #2 pass us!
A wide shot of Train #2 near Alpine, TX.
Who says it never rains in southwest Texas???
That is a lot faster than you can legally drive in New York!
Passing a stopped Union Pacific freight, getting close to El Paso!
Lots of pecan tree farms in southwest Texas! I do like pecans!!!
Finally, we get priority over freight!!!
An oil refinery near El Paso.
Union Pacific's El Paso locomotive facility.
A rather large string of locomotives at UP's El Paso facilities maybe waiting to be refueled?
Interstate 10 in El Paso, TX.
Now taking a break at El Paso, TX is the Sunset Limited on its service stop & crew change point.