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More Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Texas Eagle
A new bridge over the Trinity River in Dallas under construction.
The Six Flags Over Texas Theme Park in the background with the Angus G. Wynne Jr. Freeway
(Texas State Route 360) in the foreground.
Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. Home of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys football team.
Rangers Ballpark At Arlington, Home of Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers.
Crossing in front of some stopped Union Pacific power at Tower 55 in Fort Worth, TX.
The line we're crossing is a former Texas & Pacific line.
Crossing the old Texas & Pacific line at the diamond and tower known as Tower 55.
The same UP power as 2 photos above after crossing the diamond at Tower 55.
Amtrak Train #822 - The Heartland Flyer with P42DC #141, waiting at Fort Worth for departure later today.
The Texas Eagle during its service stop/crew change point at Fort Worth, TX.
Amtrak Train #22 - The Texas Eagle northbound at Fort Worth station with P42DC #119 on the lead.
A Union Pacific freight passing by the station facilities at Fort Worth along with a couple customized vehicles in the foreground!
Yep, they got one of these pumps at the station for use when the toilet system in a car has to "do its business"!!!
Some UP power at the yard in Fort Worth with a Hi-Rail truck and some new passenger car wheels!!!
Crossing the diamond at Tower 55 heading out of Fort Worth Station.
The Amtrak Station at Cleburn, TX.
Former Santa Fe Caboose #999457 on display next to the Amtrak Station in Cleburn, TX.
Taking a "smoking break" at Temple, TX. It's amazing the type of photo that can be had if you hold the camera
up in the air as far as your arms can reach and press the shutter!
Another example of holding the camera up as far as I could reach to get a photo! Here we have Santa Fe 4-6-2 Pacific
steam engine #3423 on display at Temple Station.
Interesting! Norfolk Southern power on a train in Texas???
The setting sun at Little River, TX.
The Texas Eagle shortly after arriving at its endpoint terminus of San Antonio, TX (unless you're someone like me who will
be continuing on to Los Angeles as part of the Sunset Limited a bit later this morning!).
Southern Pacific 2-8-2 Mikado Steamer #794 all lit up at San Antonio Station. This locomotive looks so nice,
you would almost think it was still in operation today!
Finally, now sitting staged on an adjoining track is what will become Amtrak Train #22 - The northbound Texas Eagle which
will depart later this morning back to Chicago.