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The Napa Valley Wine Train: Fine Dining Awaits!
  My ride on the Wine Train would have me riding in their beautiful Vista Dome car. The food served here is like nothing I've ever seen in any of my travels. Food makes any train ride something to remember and this is something that the folks at the Wine Train take very seriously. The food served in the dome car is prepared in the lower level of the car by an Executive Chef and is truly something to experience. Included here are photos taken inside the Vista Dome car along with of course...THE FOOD! I think you're gonna get really hungry after viewing this page...Bon Apetit!!!
There's no view of a train like the view you get looking out a dome car! The great staff on the train takes incredible care
of everyone onboard and the food and wine you'll have here are some of the finest you'll have on a train in America!
Some of Napa Valley's finest wines are available by the glass in the dome car!
A neat Milwaukee Road poster advertising the Hiawatha trains that this dome car once were a part of!
This was my place setting as I arrived in the car.
The Appetizer today was a Flourless Yam Ravioli stuffed with House Smoked Goat Cheese and topped with Grape Relish!
The First Course was a Red & Green Apple Endive Salad with Gorgonzola Cheese, Hazelnuts and a Mustard Vinaigrette!
The Main Course was a Grilled and Roasted Beef Tenderloin with a Potato Sauté topped with a Roasted Mozzarella
Artichoke Heart. I also had a glass of Hagafen Riesling with the main course.
  I also had Apple Crisp topped with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert and I will say it was absolutely delicious, so delicious, I started eating it before I realized I hadn't photographed it, oh well! All of the food except dessert was served from not long after departing Napa and concluded just before arriving at St. Helena. Dessert was served on the ride back. There's lots more photos from where these came from coming up but next, check out the story of my experience of riding the Napa Valley Wine Train!!!