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Amtrak's Empire Builder - In Pictures...Continued
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2006
Amtrak's Empire Builder In Pictures
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More Photos Taken Along The Route...

Wishram, Washington, now with only the Portland Section of the Train and
P42 #58 as our sole power. This photo was taken around an hour after sunrise.

The Amtrak Station in Wishram, Washington. We had another smoking break here.

Riding along the Columbia River, that's Mount Hood in the background.
Across the river from where we are, is the State of Oregon.

Another view of Mount Hood. The changing of colors in the foreground from
pink-violet to blue was not a Photoshop trick, it was how the glass in the
Sightseer Lounge reflected the low-angle sunlight. I opted to leave it in
the photo as it gives the photo a somewhat different and cool look.

The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River.

Another view of the Columbia River, what a view!

The morning sunlight on the mountains looks awesome!

More mountains along the Columbia River.

Now in Vancouver, Washington, we sit and take another smoking break!

The Vancouver, Washington Amtrak Station.

A wide shot of the train shortly after arriving in Portland Union Station.