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Amtrak's Coast Starlight - In Pictures
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2006
Amtrak's Coast Starlight In Pictures
Photos Along The Route From Portland To Los Angeles

Seen just before departing Portland is Train #11 with P42 #119 on the lead.

Eugene-Springfield, OR Station Stop & smoking break.

The Amtrak Station at Eugene-Springfield, Oregon.

Somewhere South of Eugene in the Cascate Mountains, very scenic!

The following morning at Oakland-Jack London Square Station. I was now a
sleeping car passenger at this point!

As we got closer to Salinas, this scene was repeated over and over again.
This is truly the salad bowl capital of the known universe! I think I want a salad now!
A Chicken Caesar Salad with extra chicken please!!!

This former Southern Pacific 0-6-0 Steam Switcher is on display at the Salinas, CA Station.

The Station stop in Salinas, California.

Another farm south of Salinas, those mountains in the background are a nice touch!

Oil fields just south of San Luis Obispo.

Very very scenic hills!!!

I wonder if that road on that hill is for ATV's only or if you can drive a car up it!

This is one of the nicest parts of the ride!

OK, we have water! The Pacific Ocean is visible once you get South of
San Luis Obispo. The pink haze in the photo wasn't photoshopped in, it's
the way the light reflected against the car window, I still think it looks cool!

Santa Barbara, California, not long before sunset.

All I have to do when I look out my window and see a
foot of snow on my car is think of scenes like this!

The Amtrak Station in Santa Barbara, California.

And to close out this incredible journey, a photo of the setting sun on the
Pacific Ocean. I used a Polarizer Filter on the camera and the photo
was taken from inside my Superliner Roomette.