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Railfanning At Chicago's Roosevelt Avenue
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2006
Railfanning At Chicago's
Roosevelt Avenue
Monday, September 25th, 2006
   Once I arrived at Roosevelt Avenue, I took the following photos before heading back to Chicago Union Station to get ready for my next leg of the trip. I was able to test out my polarizer filter on these photos. I would end up using it for the rest of the trip going forward. What a polarizer filter does is it takes and filters out glare (caused by the directional nature of sunlight) and helps oversaturate color for what can be near "postcard" quality photos. The filter works best if you have good bright light to work with. Now that you've had your photography lesson for today, please enjoy the photos!!!


I know I've photographed this scene before but this time I used a polarizer filter
on the camera and ended up with a blue sky that looks absolutely stunning!!!

A second view of the Sears Tower. I'm totally hooked on using a polarizer filter for scenes
like this, it really brings out the incredible ability of the film I used (Kodak Professional
E100VS Pro 35mm Slide Film) to show the oversaturated, nearly "postcard quality" colors!
Word of advice, get a polarizer filter! It's totally worth the $27.00 I spent for mine!

A Superliner I Coach Baggage Car in the Chicago Coach Yard.

P42DC #58, which would be the second unit on Train #7/27 - The Empire Builder.
This train would become today's #7 later on. It's seen here at Roosevelt Avenue
before it moved up the tracks into the station.

One of Metra's buildings located near Amtrak's Coach Yard. It was not yet rush hour so
there's lots of trains sitting, waiting to bring everyone home from work a little later today.

This car is now a relic of a bygone era. Amtrak has since ended its contract with
Express-Trak so these cars won't be on the ends of long-distance trains any
longer allowing the trains to actually look like real passenger trains again!!!

And to close out this visit to Roosevelt Avenue, another wide shot of the Chicago Skyline.
At the very bottom of the picture, you can see the Empire Builder heading North into Chicago
Union Station to get ready for its departure for Seattle & Portland a little later today.