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The "Fake" TV McDonald's
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2006
The "Fake" TV McDonald's
A Visit To A Restaurant That's Never "Open"!!!
   I discovered this place once almost by accident. I was doing a Google Search one night when I found a web site that talked about this place. It turns out that when I came to California, I was only 16 miles from the restaurant and being that I am a former McDonald's employee (Worked for and quit that wonderful corporation twice when I was in college back in the mid-late 1990's!!!), I had to see this for myself! I got directions on Mapquest and drove over. The photos taken are of the exterior of the building. This restaurant features all the regular things you'd find at your neighborhood McDonald's but the restaurant actually doesn't function at all because it's a TV studio. It's actually tucked away in the back of an Industrial Park in City Of Industry, California. Your favorite McDonald's commercial (If you have one) may have been shot here.

All new McDonald's Restaurants are now built to look like this one!

Another view of the front, the back of the building is offices.

Another view with the famous "Golden Arches"!
   This would be the last place I would visit on the trip, I've been traveling now for 11 days and now it's time to come home and reconnect with reality, so to speak! I'd have to fly home since I didn't have enough time to ride the train home. Check out the link below...