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Sandusky To Cleveland - Continued From Page 2...

Sandusky To Cleveland, Ohio On Amtrak's Pennsylvanian
September 20th, 2001 - Continued From Page #2

   As I said before, the views from inside the RTA Trains are great because of the big windows, and you just have to see it to believe it, the view of the Cleveland Skyline!!! The first 4 photos shown below were taken looking out the window of my RTA Train, its amazing, the view you can get from inside a simple light rail rapid transit train!!!

   As you can see from these 4 slides, the view is amazing, shortly after I took the last slide above, which actually shows Tower City as those 2 black buildings in the center of the photo, the train would pull into Tower City, where I would spend some time having lunch and check out the FYE Music store and its authentic '57 Chevrolet on display! I picked up a couple more CD's before leaving Tower City and heading back to the Waterfront RTA Station near the Amtrak Station where my train back to Sandusky would arrive.
   A bit overexposed due to the position of the sun, but here is Cleveland Browns Stadium, behind the Amtrak Station in Cleveland. These 2 facilities are just a quick walk from the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center.
2006 Update! Another "Deleted Scene", a view of Cleveland Browns Stadium behind the Amtrak Station in Cleveland.
   2006 Update! Once again, a "Deleted Scene" with this NS van train heading West past the station. Note the 2 tracks in front of the station platform. Today, only one track exists as CSX tore out the second track as it was no longer needed since this area is for the most part only used by Amtrak. Incredibly for a short distance, the Water Level Route is SINGLE TRACK!!!
   Back at the station around 5:32pm, this NS Freight passed by with a former Conrail SD40-2 on the lead #3401. The tracks in the foreground are almost exclusively used by Amtrak with all the freights using the tracks in the background.
Shortly after the NS Freight, this RTA train passed by the station, with Cleveland Browns Stadium close behind...
   And finally, to close out my trip, my train back to Sandusky, Amtrak Train #43, the Chicago-Bound Pennsylvanian arrived 6 minutes late at 6:13pm with P42 #72 leading. I rode back to Sandusky in another Horizon Fleet Coach #54552. This was the designated "Smoking Break" on this trip as shortly after the train stopped, at least 2 to 3 dozen passengers got off to take a quick "smoke break" as smoking isn't permitted on the train. On the way back to Sandusky, I participated in my own tradition that I usually do on all my return trips, I sat back, turned up my MiniDisc Walkman and enjoyed an Ice Cold Budweiser and Hot Microwaved Pizza while watching the passing scenery! The trip went very smoothly with no problems. We picked up no passengers nor did we drop any off in Elyria. The train arrived in Sandusky at 7:19pm, about 9 minutes late, no big deal. Overall I have to say this was a fun trip, one I plan to do one more time before I leave Sandusky. The Pennsylvanian is a decent train, reminds me sort of the Empire Service trains I ride back home in New York, but this is basically a long-distance train with no sleeping cars. The Horizon Coaches here are only found on the Three Rivers and this train, so if you want to ride in something rather unique, referring to a long-distance Horizon Coach, then this is your train! The On-Board crew did an excellent job of keeping things running smoothly and ensuring everyone's safety, and were very professional in my opinion. So as I say at the end of all my travelogues, until next time, when I plan to ride this thing again to see the House That Rock Built, Happy Railfanning!!!