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The Amtrak Train Days Display
  Let's say you've thought about taking the train for a trip next year and you've never rode Amtrak before. So you start scouring the internet, looking for information, reviews and photos among other things, trying to figure out how to plan your trip. Maybe you've contacted Amtrak, or maybe you've read mine and/or other travelers travelogues. You may even know someone who has rode the train before and has told you about their experience. What you really want is to simply experience what it's like to be on the train, sorta like playing a video game at a big box retail store before forking over $75.00 for it! Well Amtrak has you totally covered with the Amtrak Train Days events. The displays shown here give you an excellent idea of what train travel is all about today.
  Several staffers were on hand to explain the different parts of the display as well as answer questions. Also, there was also a Chuggington Depot display for Amtrak's younger passengers to enjoy along with displays covering everything from railroad safety to Amtrak Guest Rewards (proud member since 2003!). There was also a souvenir stand selling lots of Amtrak-branded merchandise, which I bought over $50.00 worth of while here! Included here are photos taken of this excellent display! Enjoy...
You enter the display by walking into this tent building. The DirecTV blimp also visited the State Far this year!
The first section of the display showcases Amtrak's Coach and Business Class seating. Just a regular coach seat on Amtrak is like riding
in a First Class seat on a plane (and though not shown here, the windows are bigger too!).
An example of a booth in an Amtrak dining car. The actual booth looks a little different than this (the coach seats above are actual seats), but the actual
thing is similar. Amtrak does something called "community seating" in the dining car where they will fill every last seat in the car, so if you travel alone,
(like me) you will have a neighbor! This actually is one of the best things about train travel, meeting people from all over the country and world!
Information on Amtrak's dining car meals! I recommend the Signature Black Angus Flat Iron Steak!!!
A display about Amtrak Sleeping Car accommodations. The bed you see here is the same size as an actual Roomette found on both Superliner
and Viewliner sleeping cars. Having rode in both cars across the Amtrak system on my trips, I can honestly say, it's actually a very
comfortable bed and I prefer on longer trips to ride in a Sleeping Car whenever possible.
Once you exit the display, there is a souvenir stand and the Chuggington Depot is also located to the right of this photo. There are also displays
covering Amtrak Guest Rewards as well as railroad safety. Now lets check out some historic railroad equipment at the State Fair!