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Amsterdam's Guy Park & The Erie Canal's Lock #11

Photos Of Amsterdam's Guy Park &
Lock #11 On The Erie Canal

Guy Park in Amsterdam is listed with the National Register Of Historic Places as well as a New York State Historic Site. It was the home of Guy Johnson. The building in the photo above is the centerpiece of the park, built in 1773. The building currently houses the offices of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

Lock #11 at the Erie Canal in Amsterdam. This view is looking East.

In the center of the lock, as viewed from the sidewalk on the deck, the white boards show the Lock's information.

Another look at the lock, this time looking West. The flowers on the deck are a nice touch!

Here's a wide shot of the entire facility looking Westward. One word of caution, be sure to watch where you step, as many many dogs seem to like to do their business on that lush green lawn!

Another view of the lock facility. A very impressive structure which can be seen in many locations along the canal which runs from the Niagara River in Buffalo (Originally, it ran all the way straight to Lake Erie before the NY Thruway was built) to the Hudson River.