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Trainwatching Report: Rotterdam, NY - August 6th, 2003

Trainwatching Report:
Burdeck Street - Rotterdam, NY
Wednesday, August 6th, 2003

   Today, I headed over to Burdeck Street, to get in some trainwatching on the CSX Selkirk Subdivision (Conrail Selkirk Branch). My friend Armand showed up a few minutes after I arrived, and I’m glad he did since he had a vehicle and it started pouring! The ran came down so hard, so fast, that it screwed up the crossing gates on Burdeck Street. I picked up my cell phone and reported the malfunctioning gates to CSX who sent a signal maintainer to fix them, only after 1 train had to be issued a Form D to protect the crossing. Below are photos of the trains I saw while I was there...

This CSX Train crosses over the Canadian Pacific (Former Delaware & Hudson Line)
heading toward's CP-169 on the Selkirk Subdivision (Conrail Chicago Line)
with C40-8W #7325 (Former Conrail #6115) for power.

At 11:10am, this local train powered by CSX GP40-2 #6237 heads West.

I apologize for the bush in the foreground but it was raining like hell when I took this
slide and I had no other place to take the slide other than inside my friend's truck!
AC6000CW #653 heads East with a hot van train towards Selkirk Yard at 12:20pm.

Canadian National SD75I #5730 leads this Eastbound van train at 2:25pm.

CSX C40-8W #7669 leads Train Q-351 past the small yard in Rotterdam at 2:35pm.

CSX C44-9W #9026 leads this Westbound van train at 2:47pm.

CSX SD50 #8656 (Former Conrail #6732) leads train Q-157 at 2:59pm.

AC6000CW #607 leads Train Q-119 (Conrail Train TV-9) at 3:11pm.
   Armand took me back to Rich’s Apartment so I could pick up my bags and get over to the Best Western Hotel in Amsterdam which would be my “home” for the next couple days. I got my room which had 2 double beds and the basic amenities in a Best Western. Armand and I headed over to Russo’s Grille where Rich met up with us and the 3 of us had dinner at the most popular restaurant in town for Railfans. I had chicken wings and gravy fries, all delicious! After dinner, Amtrak Train #64 flew through Amsterdam and Armand drove me back to the hotel, so ends Day #3...