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Photos Taken While Riding The Lake Shore Limited & Empire Service
Amtrak Train #48 - The Lake Shore Limited arrives at Buffalo-Depew Station with P42DC #62 leading on a
beautiful sunny Friday morning in Western New York, a rarity in December!
Time for breakfast!!! This is my first meal in what is currently Amtrak's one and only Viewliner Diner!!! Today's breakfast featured
Railroad French Toast along with pork sausage patties and orange juice with a Diet Pepsi, all delicious!!!
Taking a break now at Rochester, NY.
Welcome to what is currently Amtrak's one and only Viewliner diner! This car is AWESOME!!!
LEFT: A typical place setting in the Viewliner diner. RIGHT: The hallway around the kitchen leading back to the sleeping cars.
OK, by the looks of this photo, are we in New York??? Yes, actually! Here we have Train #48 taking a break at Syracuse, NY with
a BNSF freight (OK a CSX freight with BNSF power!) passing by.
Another photo of Train #48 at Syracuse. After I got back home from this trip, I realized something about this photo! Back in June 1999,
on another Amtrak trip, I took a photo of Train #48 from about the same spot as this location, what was special about it though can be
seen in the photo below this one...
Flashback to June 11th, 1999, notice a pattern here??? I didn't ride this particular train however it had arrived in Syracuse after the train
I rode into town (Train #286 back then) arrived. It was running 3 hours late but had P42DC #62 leading and though you can't see it in the
photo, the Viewliner diner was also in the consist! That would be the first and last time for 12 years that I would see that car until after it
was rebuilt and put back in service in 2011, and just so happened to be on the train today! This photo was a Kodachrome 64 slide, how
times have changed, you can't even buy Kodachrome slide film anymore, and to a new generation of photographers, "what's film?"
Time for lunch in the Viewliner diner! Today, I had the Angus Steak Burger with bacon and kettle chips with a Diet Pepsi, good eats!!!
Now taking a break at Utica, NY.
Beautiful Utica Union Station, a former New York Central Station.
Some equipment stored in Utica owned by the Adirondack Scenic Railroad including a former Metro-North FL-9,
a former Canadian National passenger car and a former Boston & Maine caboose.
Now having arrived at Schenectady, NY my destination on Amtrak for this trip, here is the Viewliner diner shortly after the train
departed Schenectady for destinations east to Boston and south to New York.
Now on Monday, December 17th, 2012, Train #69 - The Adirondack, and the train I rode myself just over 3 weeks prior, takes a
quick break at Schenectady before heading to points north with its final destination being Montreal with P42DC #83 for power.
Another one of my "Amtrak, may all your signals be green" photos! This time, Train #69 has a green dwarf signal as it switches
from Amtrak trackage to Canadian Pacific (former Delaware & Hudson) trackage for the trip north into the Adirondacks.
Next up is Amtrak Empire Service Train #284 from Niagara Falls arriving in Schenectady with P32AC-DM #709 for power.
Now arriving in Schenectady, and also my train home, is Amtrak Empire Service Train #281 with P32AC-DM #715 for power.
Russo's Grill restaurant in Amsterdam, good eats and a view of the tracks from the front window, I recommend the gravy fries!
Arriving now at Amsterdam, NY.
Passing Amtrak Train #48 - The Lake Shore Limited near Fonda, NY.
Train #281 taking a break at Utica, NY.
Some action on the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern and the Adirondack Scenic at Utica.
Now arriving at the next stop of Rome, NY. All Empire Service trains along with the Maple Leaf stop here.
Now taking a break at Syracuse, NY. The "Syracuse" sign on the end of the platform canopy looks like
a sing from the New York Central days (though this station opened in 1998).
Now taking a break at Rochester, NY. A passenger in a wheelchair was exiting the train here so a few extra minutes at
the station allowed for this photo using the onboard flash on the camera.