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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited
The buffalo that is on display outside of Buffalo-Depew Station. And what do you know? It's covered in snow, something we're known for in Buffalo!!!
For about 9 months out of the year, this is what Train #48 looks like arriving in Buffalo, just kidding!!! Hey, in this kind of cold, it just makes me want to
do my civic duty and eat more really hot chicken wings! Here we have the Lake Shore Limited arriving at Buffalo-Depew Station. with GE P42DC #124 on
the head-end. This train will take me across the Empire State today to Schenectady.
Time for breakfast!!! Today I would have the Railroad French Toast with pork sausage patties and a Diet Pepsi, good eats in the Amtrak Diner!!!
Taking a break at Rochester, NY. Construction is set to begin on a new station here in 2015.
Heritage Specialty Baggage Car #1701, a car built by Budd in 1961 for the Union Pacific Railroad. This car started its career as a Coach and would
operate as such on Amtrak until being converted into a Baggage Car. These cars will begin to be retired in 2015 and replaced with new Viewliner II
Baggage Cars being built now by CAF USA in Elmira Heights, NY.
Now taking a break at an even snowier (Is that a word?) Syracuse, NY! The train would also get a new engineer here.
A wider view of the train taking a break at Syracuse.
Yes, it's THAT COLD out!!!
The Timoinsa Interior of an Amtrak Heritage Diner. I think this interior looks really nice in these historic cars!
Time for lunch! I would have the Marketplace Special which consisted of Turkey Meatballs in a tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese and garlic mashed
potatoes along with Amtrak's new and improved side salad (it's bigger and has more veggies in it), along with the ever-present Diet Pepsi! Good Eats!!!
Now taking a breather at Utica Union Station. Utica's station facilities are used not only by Amtrak but are also the Southern Terminus of the
Adirondack Scenic Railroad whose equipment can be seen in the left of this photo.
Some of the Adirondack Scenic's equipment at Utica. I like the sign showing which way it is to Buffalo and New York/Boston!
The mighty Mohawk River near Little Falls, NY.
Now having arrived in Schenectady, NY, my destination for this leg of the trip.
Next to the Schenectady Station is a Canadian Pacific (Former Delaware & Hudson) Mainline that is used by Amtrak for the Adirondack and
the Ethan Allen Express for part of its route. Today, we have a CP freight lead by GE ES44AC #8784.
Heritage Dining Car #8505. Built in 1957 by Budd for the Northern Pacific Railway. This series of cars will eventually be retired and
replaced with Viewliner II Dining Cars. These will always be my favorite cars on Amtrak because of their amazing histories!
Heritage Specialty Baggage Car #1709 brings up the markers on the New York section of the train. This car was built as a Coach by Budd in 1954
for the Southern Pacific and operated as a Coach on Amtrak before being converted into a Baggage Car. The white specs in the image aren't dust
spots on a negative (I haven't shot film in 7 years!), but are a reminder of a season that seems to take too long to end, winter! Gotta love the snow!