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Photos Taken While Riding The Lake Shore Limited & Empire Service
This eastbound CSX freight with SD50 #8521 leading passed by Buffalo-Depew Station before the Lake Shore Limited arrived.
Now arriving is Amtrak Train #48 - The Lake Shore Limited with P42DC #82 on the lead.
Kodak World Headquarters - Rochester, NY. You pass this facility just before arriving at the Rochester Station.
The Platt Street Bridge over the High Falls on the Genesee River. I have taken several great photos of Amtrak trains from that
bridge over the past couple years! To the right of the bridge is the Genesee Beer & Ale Brewery, a Rochester staple!
Train #48 taking a break at Rochester Station. The power overshoots the platform here so this was the best photo angle available.
Taking a quick break at Rochester.
Now at Syracuse, Train #48 takes another break. A smoking break was permitted for passengers here.
The Syracuse Amtrak Station which is shared with Greyhound/Trailways buses along with Centro Transit buses and local taxis.
Time for lunch on the Lake Shore Limited! Today, I had the Marketplace Special which was meatloaf with gravy and mashed
potatoes with a small salad and roll with a Diet Pepsi, all delicious!!!
A former Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose as well as a Former Santa Fe dining car near Utica Union Station. The dining car
is now a Children's Museum. The caboose is just a historic display.
Former New York Central 0-6-0 Steamer #6721 is on permanent display at the station. I like the wreath on the nose!
These photos were taken in the dining car while eating lunch or else they would be brighter!
Lock #10 on the Erie Canal under construction to repair severe damage caused by Hurricane Irene from last summer.
Not long after Hurricane Irene blew through here, a tornado came through causing severe damage as well, note lots of downed trees.
Now at Schenectady, Train #48 prepares to depart for points east and south!
Now on Monday, December 12th, I had some unexpected time before my train, Empire Service #281 was set to arrive, so I had
the chance to get in a little railfanning at the Schenectady Station. Here we have Empire Service Train #284 arriving with
P32AC-DM #708 on the lead.
Next up is this Norfolk Southern van train with C40-9W #9587 on the lead. NS has trackage rights on this line which is a
former Delaware & Hudson line that is now owned by Canadian Pacific Railway. A small portion of the line passes by the
Schenectady Station and sees a fair amount of freight traffic.
This southbound Norfolk Southern van train is next up with C40-8W #8390 on the lead. This is a former Conrail unit!
Train #48 - The Lake Shore Limited arrived next with P42DC #82 on the lead which was the same unit that pulled my train last
Friday morning. It appears to have received a nice new paint job recently!
And now arriving, my train back to Buffalo, Empire Service Train #281 with P32AC-DM #714 on the lead. The sun was totally
in the wrong position in the sky for this photo but I still wanted to get a quick photo of the train arriving here nonetheless!
Equipment owned by the Adirondack Scenic Railroad whose southern terminus is at Utica Union Station!
Former Metro-North FL-9 #2007 now on the property of the Adirondack Scenic Railroad.
And now taking a quick break at Syracuse, we have Train #281. I like that New York Central style Syracuse sign!