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Railfanning Photos From The Capital Region
Arriving in Amsterdam, NY is Amtrak's Empire Service Train #284 with P32AC-DM #702 on the lead.
Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited - Train #48 flying by Amsterdam station as it doesn't stop at this station.
Today's train had P42DC #109 on the lead.
With the Lake Shore Limited having actually 2 separate trains combined into one,
there is a baggage car on each end of the train.
The 2010 Ford Fusion SE that was my rental car on this trip.
Looking west over the Mohawk River/Erie Canal at Amsterdam. The canal is closed for the year
so the water level in the river is way down.
Empire Services Train #281 arriving at Amsterdam with P32AC-DM #713 on the lead.
Busy day at Albany-Rensselaer Station. Train #48, bound for New York is in the foreground with its lone P32AC-DM that is added to it once it arrives in Albany so as to facilitate running in the tunnels leading into New York Penn Station. The P32's are "dual mode" units meaning they can run either as a regular diesel locomotive or on 3rd rail electric.
An Empire Service train sits in the foreground with the back end of the Lake Shore Limited behind it.
Looking South at Albany-Rensselaer Station.
Train #448 - The Lake Shore Limited Boston Section waiting to depart Albany-Rensselaer Station.
You can see the Albany skyline in the background looking across the Hudson River.
Amsterdam's Amtrak Station.
Looking out at the Mohawk River/Erie Canal near sunset in Amsterdam.
Empire Service Train #283 at Amsterdam, NY after sunset.
The Days Inn on Western Avenue in Albany which was my hotel for this trip.