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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited
I decided to have dinner on the Lake Shore Limited because I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have dinner in a Heritage Diner!
This was the salad and dinner roll served before the main course, I paid Amtrak for the hat!

Amtrak's Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner. A rather unique offering in dining cars around the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. The dinner
came with some seasoned turkey and gravy, along with a rice medley and cranberry sauce, all very good!!!

Now taking a break at Syracuse, NY. Due to time constraints, I didn't use the tripod to get this photo, rather opting to use the
onboard flash and a high ISO (film speed from back in the film days).
The dining area of Amtrak Heritage Dining Car #8558, a former Southern Railway car.
Now back at Buffalo-Depew Station.
Finally, one more photo from Buffalo-Depew Station. I hope you enjoyed the travelogue covering this incredible day trip!!!
The next trip is in 3 weeks, can't wait! Thanks for viewing this travelogue!!!