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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Adirondack
Amtrak Train #68 - The Adirondack arriving at Port Henry, NY with another fleet of VIA equipment in tow being powered by P42DC #43.
This is not a new paint scheme for Amtrak on the side of this unit, rather the Amtrak logo decal and number decals have worn off!

The lounge area inside VIA Park Dome Car "Tweedsmuir Park".

A look inside the dome of "Tweedsmuir Park", it's set up the same way as the "Evangaline Park" car I rode in on the way north.
This trip was taken during a time of the year of very short daylight and by the time we left Port Henry, it was evident that the low
sun angle and short daylight would change the way photos would look on the ride back.
Riding along beautiful Lake Champlain in the late afternoon.
Now arriving at the next stop of Fort Ticonderoga, NY.
Another view of Lake Champlain in the late afternoon light.
Passing a Norfolk Southern freight.
I can only imagine how beautiful the scenery is on this route when the trees are at peak fall colors,
especially if it's this beautiful with no foliage!!!
I wish Amtrak still had enough dome cars to keep one on this route year-round. To Amtrak's credit, they do bring their "Great Dome"
to run on this route during the peak fall color season each year.
Now arriving at the next stop of Whitehall, NY.
Just south of Whitehall, now near sunset, the line that merges with this one in the left of this photo is used by Amtrak's
Ethan Allen Express that runs to Rutland, VT.
The observation lounge area on the end of "Tweedsmuir Park", featuring lots of condiments since this was the cafe car on this train!
I was trying to photograph those clocks and ended up photographing myself photographing the clocks!!!
A view of the observation lounge area of the car with the staircase up to the dome.
You really feel like you're riding in First Class when you ride in this car!
With the dome car now closed, I walked through the train and took a few photos of car interiors. This is HEP-2 Coach #4121.
Those overhead luggage bins look like something you might see inside a commercial aircraft!
A view inside HEP-1 Coach #8118. There are 2 glass cases in the middle of the car that each have an HO Scale model train in them!
Now back at Schenectady, I used the small onboard flash on the camera to get this quick photo of the train as it departed the station.
Now all I need to do is get up to Toronto and ride in this car on the Canadian to Vancouver, that's definitely on my bucket list!!!