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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Adirondack
Amtrak Train #69 - The Adirondack arriving at Schenectady, NY with a fleet of VIA equipment in tow being powered by P42DC #159.

The inside of VIA HEP-1 Coach #8120 which was my coach on this train for all of maybe 3-5 minutes
before I headed for the Park Dome Car at the end of the train.

The lounge/observation area on the end of VIA Park Dome Car "Evangeline Park".
The lounge area on the lower level of the "Evangeline Park" was used for food service as this car served as the cafe car on this train.
Inside the triple bedroom in the car which was not sold while this equipment was leased by Amtrak.
When you walk past the bedrooms and the lounge, the end of the car features the observation area and the staircase
upstairs to one of the best views you could possibly have on a passenger train...THE DOME!!!
Welcome to the dome!!! The entire dome area features a total of 24 seats, and as you can see, it was not filled to capacity.
Riding through Saratoga Springs Yard.
Arriving at the next stop of Saratoga Springs, NY. Home of the Saratoga & North Creek Railroad which is operated by
Iowa Pacific Holdings. The locomotive on the right is an EMD BL-2 used on SNC trains.
A full-length dome car from the Saratoga & North Creek.
A couple of relics of railroads past are in this photo, including a now non-functioning signal bridge (most new signals
on this line are on either side of the right-of-way) as well as telephone poles!
Now arriving at the next stop of Fort Edward, NY. There are lots of beautiful classic train stations along this route.
Passing a freight at Fort Edward yard with BNSF power. Not sure if it was a Canadian Pacific (who owns this line) freight
or possibly a Norfolk Southern (who operates on this line via trackage rights) freight. Either way, it was really cool to see
BNSF power in northern New York!
Now riding along the Champlain Canal.
Coming into Whitehall Yard.
Now arriving at our next station stop of Whitehall, NY. The station is on the right
side of the train and is partially visible in the above photo.
It's starting to get hilly now north of Whitehall.
Moving through rock cuts as we move through the Adirondack Mountains!
Now riding along the southern end of Lake Champlain.
Gotta love those rock cuts! It's truly amazing just how much earth was cut out to build this railroad!!!
This is one of the most scenic Amtrak routes in the eastern half of the country!
Beautiful Lake Champlain!
Going through one of many tunnels along this route.
I thought this looked cool, coming out of a tunnel. The one Amtrak route that is similar to this in some ways is the California Zephyr.
Now arriving at the next stop of Fort Ticonderoga, NY.
Having just arrived at my northern endpoint of Port Henry, NY, we see the Adirondack departing, heading for Montreal
with the beautiful VIA Park Dome Car "Evangeline Park" bringing up the markers.
Amtrak's station at Port Henry, NY. Built in 1888, it's one of Amtrak's oldest stations.
The station in Port Henry is not staffed but Amtrak passenger information is on display.
An MLW (Montreal Locomotive Works, a subsidiary of ALCO) RS-18 lettered for the Lake Champlain & Moriah Railroad on display.
According to a sign posted near this LC&M Caboose #5, this car was built from an iron ore car in 1946 at the Fisher Hill shop in
Mineville, NY. This caboose was used by the railroad between Mineville and Port Henry to haul iron ore from 1946-1972.